Artist’s dessert – Sohu verbal jint

The artist Claude Monet said eating dessert – Sohu (Claude Monet), we will think of one of France’s famous painter, painter Impressionism and main founder of the theory and practice of Impressionism most of his promotion. "Monet’s kitchen" is what? Monet’s kitchen is the most authentic French style desserts, the sources of brand inspired by Monet in the Paris suburb of the town of Giverny residence, a collection of art, delicacy and garden residence, as well as the ultimate aesthetic effect of Mo color and light painting works, incorporate the works in the light and color to craftsmanship French dessert, with France imported natural ingredients by hand baking produced a healthy dessert, French romantic and classic show the most authentic. Monet’s kitchen covers a convenient online retail service, baking courses as well as high-end private custom, let more people experience from France Paris pure West food culture, leading consumers to enjoy the aesthetic style of French luxury light, you eat is not only a simple dessert is to conquer a fashion. One of the most desirable products comes from a firm belief that the best way to do it is to do it. The most orthodox French dessert, Monet’s kitchen also has such a original intention, with practical action to tell you what is the most authentic French dessert.相关的主题文章: