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At home and abroad "like" new network Tiangong two – in the original title: China is a space science development "exciting" abroad "like" Temple No. two, 22 September 15th 04, China’s first real space laboratory Temple No. two, the successful launch of the space station era lay a solid foundation, China space science and technology development to a new starting point. After the successful launch, the community responded enthusiastically. At the Jiuquan satellite launch center to witness this historic moment of the China Electronic Technology Group Corporation chairman, party secretary Xiong Qunli said: "the Temple No. two, carrying the Chinese nation to the vastness of the universe’s dream of flying, the extension of the implementation of the connotation of the times China dream. Space dream is a very important part of the Chinese dream, is a comprehensive scientific and technological competitiveness, comprehensive national strength and national defense forces, aerospace dream booster technology dream." The successful launch of Tiangong two to inspire the morale and enthusiasm of the first human space flight. A member of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Five Temple No. two and No. eleven flight Shenzhou joint test team said: "the successful launch of Tiangong two and accurate orbit marks the flight control task officially started the battle, we will hold the baton in the next 3 months, 24 hours of uninterrupted care Tiangong two on health, with practical action to meet the next manned space mission is coming." China CASIC hospitals 111 factory of NC machining workshop lathe class monitor Wang Yang said: "the successful launch of Tiangong two, as a space and we are very proud of. We have been studying and providing key technologies for the space and space exploration of our country. In the future, we will continue to carry forward the spirit of manned space flight, in order to achieve the dream of space, the Chinese dream to make its own contribution." Chinese researcher at the Institute of chemistry, Song Yanlin said: "the night of the Mid Autumn Festival two, the successful launch of the space laboratory, also marks a significant progress of China’s aerospace industry. With the continuous improvement of the national strength, there will be more and more Chinese scientific and technological achievements from running, and running to lead, for the progress of mankind to contribute more power from china." Zhejiang University youth worker Zhou Wei and his family in front of the TV to watch the launch of Tiangong two broadcast, mobile phone in her circle of friends, a lot of people in the first time the good news of the successful launch of forwarding and point like". She also forwarded an extra dynamic daily client making. Zhou Wei said: "the successful launch of Tiangong two, once again proved that China’s major science and technology projects in unequivocal and in steady spirit, this is a concentrated expression of million people united as one man to climb the peak of science. A significant progress in the field of space technology, but no substantial progress in science, but will become a kind of spiritual guidance, we are proud of more incentive for the country, more respect for knowledge, more looking forward to the future." The successful launch of Tiangong two also attracted wide attention and discussion of the international media and experts and scholars in the field of aviation. The Associated Press, "the times" website, CNN (CNN) and other major U.S. media for the first time on China launch Tiangong two news. CNN commented that although China’s space program is not starting相关的主题文章: