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Baby flatulence? These tips can help you solve – Sohu maternal baby belly flatulence 1, swallowed too much air is easier than the adult baby flatulence. For example, the baby with bottle feeding infants, if too easy to excessive inhalation of air, nipple hole size bottle or inappropriate bottle is inclined, the air will be through the nipple gap let baby breathe belly, and can easily lead to excessive crying baby flatulence. Also, eating milk or other food and fermentation in the digestive tract by intestinal bacteria and other digestive enzymes that produce large amounts of gas will promote abdominal distension. 2, indigestion due to intestinal fecal accumulation, the Dysbiosis of gas production, or milk protein allergy, lactose intolerance, enteritis caused by digestion and absorption, easy to produce large amounts of gas. 3, abdominal tumor abdominal organ enlargement or a tumor, such as hepatosplenomegaly, liver cirrhosis, intra-abdominal organs and tissues may have tumor, and the tumor grew larger will cause abdominal distension. 4, intestinal obstruction in children with intestinal obstruction to abdominal distension. Intestinal obstruction in infants and young children, with severe complete obstruction, which can be found shortly after birth. But if it is not completely blocked, it may be delayed for a long time is still missing. Such as congenital megacolon, is due to the embryonic development of the intestinal ganglion from up to down the development of incomplete stop, resulting in the distal end of the large intestine can not relax, making the top of the normal large intestine swell. In addition to the symptoms of children with significant abdominal distension, usually there will be delayed diarrhea or constipation phenomenon. Flatulence is the disease? Need treatment? As for flatulence is disease, need treatment, principle to clinical symptoms of the baby’s criteria. If the baby can eat, can not pull, vomiting, stomach feels soft, good activity, normal exhaust, normal weight gain, so this kind of mostly functional abdominal distension abdominal distension, without special treatment. If the baby is pathological distension, such as respiratory infections, enteritis or constipation, can easily lead to gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestive function variation, and then produce flatulence, and even affect the appetite. If these symptoms occur, then the doctor should be treated. How do baby baby belly flatulence and abdominal massage moderate massage can promote intestinal peristalsis and exhaust, in order to ease the baby stomach flatulence. Specific practices: wash hands, and then to the baby’s navel as the center, with the palm of your hand clockwise and gently massage your baby’s stomach, gastrointestinal motility and help the baby with gas discharge, improve digestion and absorption. Each massage for about 5 minutes. Effect: abdominal massage can not only help the baby in the belly of the exhaust gas, can also make the baby to be a kind of psychological comfort through the sense of touch. Note: massage your hands to warm, do a good job of the baby’s navel heat. There should be moderate, otherwise you may make your baby feel uncomfortable. Lying "pedaling a bicycle" specific practice: the baby lying on the bed, lift the baby’s legs, imitate "pedaling a bicycle" action in the air. Role: this.相关的主题文章: