Baose shares business performance decline to reverse the alarm sounded no hope

Baose shares business performance decline to reverse the alarm sounded no hope since 2014 landing A shares market since baose shares (300402) performance began to go downhill. In order to reverse the performance decline, the company finally tries to save from planning a major reorganization of assets. However, the key restructuring plan failed to take place. For in the performance of its positive yuexianyueshen baose shares, the failure undoubtedly means that the company has been sounding the alarm. After the listing of the performance continued to face in the market for less than two years, color performance shares continue to shrink in the first half of this year, have even begun a substantial loss. October 10, 2014, the color of shares officially landed gem. However, the performance of Listed Companies in the year there was a decline in the situation. Financial data show that when the company achieved operating income of about 687 million yuan, down by 12.9%. Corresponding net profit of about 46 million 200 thousand yuan, down by 19.49%. In 2015, the treasure color of shares drying out the annual report card is to let investors greatly disappointed. Treasure color shares in 2015 operating income of about 667 million yuan, down by 2.9%. The corresponding net profit of only 4 million 170 thousand yuan, a sharp decline of 90.97%. In the first half of this year, the performance of the shares are significantly worse color treasure. The company reported in the first half of the company achieved operating income of about 87 million 60 thousand yuan, down sharply by 71.66%. Corresponding net profit is a loss of about 57 million 770 thousand yuan, up from profit to loss. Recombinant seek self-help helpless fizzled subsequently, the company stock in May 31st this year since the beginning of the suspension and reorganization plan. Baose shares originally intended to the non-public offering of shares and the payment of cash to buy Changzhou Sai’er Traffic Equipment Co. 51% stake in the company. If the transaction can be completed, the operating performance of the domestic petrochemical industry over reliance on the color of the shares, no doubt, and cultivate a new profit growth point. However, in September 1st, baose shares announced restructuring failed. The reason for the termination, the company said that in addition to the transactions and other differences in terms of the core part of this major asset restructuring, the final restructuring plan can not reach an agreement, and the company continues to apply postponed resumption of the motion was rejected at the EGM. And let investors feel puzzled is that in the general meeting of shareholders to vote to continue the resumption of the resumption of the motion was the controlling shareholder of the shares and the company’s second largest shareholder. The provisional shareholders’ meeting resolution announcement shows, to postpone the resumption of bill veto shares up to 147 million shares, while the total number of shares that coincided with the company’s controlling shareholder BaoTi group and the second largest shareholder of the company Shanxi huaxinhai Trading Co. Ltd. is consistent. "Some of the terms are not agreed, the two prices did not come together, only in the general meeting of shareholders rejected." The reason for the vote, baose shares dongmi Schenck says righteousness. To reverse the decline of short-term performance hopeless reasons for the poor performance of the company, meaning Schenck on Thursday told Beijing Daily reporter said, "is the main market reasons, one is the price is not good, a project is too little". It seems that.相关的主题文章: