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Beijing national day will intensify regulation of drunk driving and other traffic violations — Shaanxi channel — original title: Beijing national day will intensify regulation of drunk driving and other traffic violations China network reporter from the Beijing municipal traffic management department, in order to maintain the good traffic order, guarantee the city day travel environment safety, Beijing City traffic police system 29 in the evening of the city carried out before the traffic order rectification action. The city set up more than 220 checkpoints, thorough investigation of drunk driving, involving cards, certificates, red light running, illegal traffic violations and other traffic violations. In action, the police strictly enforce the law and publicity and education combined, the investigation of vehicles and suspected illegal drivers of the whole process of law enforcement records, the driver of illegal acts are highly punished according to law. Since September this year, Beijing traffic control department investigated nearly thousands of drunk driving violations, involving more than 8700 kinds of illegal activities involving cards. The traffic control department said that the rectification violations increased during the festival to drunken driving, overspeed, overload and other large truck traffic, strengthen passenger cars, trucks and other vehicles, hazardous key vehicles management, in order to safeguard the safety of public travel, ensure good traffic order. (reporter Wei Jing) (commissioning editor Ren Zhihui and Wang Li)

北京国庆将加大力度整治酒驾等交通违法行为–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:北京国庆将加大力度整治酒驾等交通违法行为   中国网记者从北京市交管部门获悉,为维护良好的交通秩序,保障市民国庆节出行环境安全,北京市交警系统29日晚在全市范围集中开展节前交通秩序整治行动。   全市共设立220多处检查点,严查酒后驾车、涉牌涉证、闯红灯、闯禁行等交通违法行为。行动中,民警严格执法与宣传教育结合,对查处车辆和涉嫌违法驾驶人进行全过程的执法记录,对驾驶人违法行为一律依法高限处罚。   今年9月份以来,北京市交管部门查处酒后驾车违法行为近千起、各类涉牌违法行为8700余起。   交管部门表示,节日期间继续加大对酒驾、超速、大货车超载超限等交通违法行为的整治力度,强化大客车、危化车、大货车等重点车种的管理,以维护市民出行安全,保障道路交通秩序良好。(记者 魏婧) (责编:任志慧、王丽)相关的主题文章: