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Arts-and-Entertainment Many articles about the benefits of music lessons to children will often just be about how "music lessons are good." If you need more information than that, then this article is for you. I have divided the real benefits of Piano lessons into three aspects: the physical, the character and the general benefits. In this article we will discuss about the top benefits of piano lessons. We divided them into three parts: physical, character and general benefits. Physical Benefits Playing the piano has a direct effect on the agility and concentration skills of your child. It helps the child to train his or her motor skill, react and think faster and improve their motor skills in general. Playing the piano affects both parts of the brain and both hands, which helps to develop the brain functions. Piano lessons also have a huge positive influence on memory and concentration; while playing, your child not only has to remember lot of things, but also needs to play it right, so naturally it trains your kid’s memory. Different researches indicate that kids that play piano show better results in logical and spatial tests. Character Benefits Playing the piano builds character. If your kid starts taking lessons from early age, it will have a huge influence on him or her. Scheduled piano lessons will help the child to make his life more organized right from the beginning. He or she will get used to a routine and also, if motivated right, accelerate their general learning curve as they apply the same learning principles to other studies in their life. Giving your child encouragement and opportunities to play for you and other members of the family will give him a boost to his self-esteem and generally make him much more self-confident. Even if at some point the child will be unhappy with the lessons, over the years he or she will understand the huge positive influence of the piano. There are a lot of great scientists, politicians and artists who played the piano as a hobby and they made numerous statements about the positive influence of the piano on their lives. General Benefits If you plan to raise an intelligent and educated child – music education is essential. It is the science of listening to good music and while it might seem unimportant at first, it is still an important part of every good education. Another thing is that your child will get a good hobby or in some cases the piano can be.e his or her passion. Stepping away from all the mentioned benefits piano might be.e the cornerstone in the future life of your child. It will always be there for him or her and after a hard day half-hour of playing might be.e a much better relaxation than a drink or some movie. There have been a lot of studies that prove that music is a positive stimulus for people. So when you decide to register your kid for children piano lessons, this might be.e the first step to his lifetime friends – the music and the piano. As for one more benefit – piano was the first instrument of many talented musicians from classical music to even some of the most popular pop and rock stars, so it clearly shows that this instrument provides a good foundation for future professional music career for your child. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: