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Sales The electronic cigarette is portable and you can take it anywhere and you can inhale the nicotine anywhere you want. It works on electricity but it is also provided with a rechargeable battery, so you can charge it and can take it to various places you want. The electronic cigarette provides you with the liquid nicotine solution mixed with some tasty flavor and the electronic cigarette device has the capsity of changing or converting the solution of nicotine in to the vapor form. You can inhale the nicotine in vapor form and as a result it will not produce any smoke. Now, you have the golden opportunity of inhaling the nicotine without producing or exhaling the smoke. Now, you are free from the tension of exhaling of smoke during inhaling the nicotine. The system or the process upon which the electronic cigarette operates is the process of atomization. The heating device or element that has been fixed in the electronic cigarette instrument provides the heat ad this heat provided by heating element of electronic cigarette make the nicotine liquid hot and then after reaching at certain temperature, it converts the liquid nicotine in to gaseous form and you can inhale the nicotine in vapor form. You can also add some tasty flavors of your choice in the nicotine solution and then can inhale it along with the nicotine. The nicotine solutions are available in the market in separate form. You can buy the nicotine solution along with your favorite flavor and then you can refill the mouth piece of your electronic cigarette. The nicotine solutions are available in the market in different varieties, such as; Propylene glycol, Glycerol, Tobacco essence .anic acid etc. The electronic cigarettes are also free from the curse of health disaster. Up till now, the problems or harms related to health of the inhaler of electronic cigarette are unknown. There is no scientific research regarding the health effects due to the electronic cigarettes is yet conducted or at least not yet announced. So, you can use the electronic cigarette without any tension any tension or health fear. The famous markets associated with the selling and effectiveness of the electronic cigarettes is American and European. The FDA i.e. Food, Drug Administration has given the approval to the drug delivery in the form of electronic cigarettes. And in April 2006, the e-cigarettes are introduced in the market of Europe and its production is officially launched at the RUYAN. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: