Bizarre car accident! Large trailer brakes to hit the tail of the car smashed the front (Figure) pork face

Bizarre car accident! Large trailer brakes to "hit" the tail of the car smashed the front (Figure) for "I hit myself" big trailer. Dongmei photo original title: strange car accident! Large trailer brakes to "hit" the tail of the car hit the front Yangzi Evening News Network October 21st news (correspondent reporter Chen Dongmei Yong) 21, Gaoyou Han Liu Zhen rare accident occurred. A truck driver to grab a few seconds green speeding, not to have seen and the emergency brake, the head deceleration while the rear but not cut down, the car slammed into the front, a huge impact makes the car rushed to the roadside fence, and hit on the roadside monitoring equipment. Although the driver’s life is not serious, but the vehicle and monitoring equipment damage. Day 11 am, Gaoyou City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade squadron left the police received the "instructions", said the Chinese left the traffic lights, a truck accident occurred in 110. Alarm police rushed to the scene of the accident, the scene of the accident on the 00 pieces of many pieces of far, a large trailer red nose and tail of the train in a Southeast direction. Alarm police thought, how did this accident ah, seen a large number of accidents, no one is the front and rear of the vehicle in the same direction, the police feel very strange. The police deal with the accident further investigation that the original, this is the two day of overcast and rainy weather, wet pavement, driving a high (male, Huaian people, 33 years old) driving a heavy tractor, traveling to Gaoyou Han left at the traffic lights, when light is only 5 seconds, want to rush, will accelerate driving, found not to go, only to stop, then a high on the brakes. Due to fast speed, coupled with slippery rain, heavy tractor front hit the fence to the right side of the road, the impact and friction under the front speed slow down, but a body part can not stop, the impact caused by the body to continue to move forward, rushed to the roadside fence and then hit the monitoring equipment on the side of the road. At this point, several people at the roadside traffic lights to see this situation was dumbfounded. Fortunately, a false alarm, the driver of a high life is no big deal, but the accident losses. According to preliminary estimates of the insurance company, vehicle maintenance costs of about 30 thousand yuan, while the maintenance costs of guardrail and monitoring equipment requires a few million.相关的主题文章: