Boao forum for Asia annual conference 2016 in Hainan province to start preparatory work

The BFA annual conference 2016 Hainan preparations for launching the original title: BFA 2016 annual meeting of Hainan Province to start preparatory work in the new network, 2 month 16 (reporter Zhang Qianyi) the BFA annual conference will be held 3 2016 22 – 25 in Hainan held. The preparatory work of Hainan provincial government was held in Boao on 15 March to fully deploy the preparatory work. Deputy Secretary of Hainan provincial Party committee, governor Liu Cigui at the meeting stressed that the whole province to act immediately, high standards and strict requirements, solid and meticulous preparatory work, on the one hand to provide quality services for the annual meeting, on the one hand will do well in the Hainan platform "". Before the meeting, Liu Cigui line to Sanya, Boao and other places, on-site inspection of the forum and other important event related venues and reception facilities and field trips along the high-speed rail operation, road traffic and environmental remediation. The meeting listened to the group of Hainan province service joint meeting of the Boao forum for Asia and the working mechanism of leadership office and the working group report on the 2016 annual meeting of Hainan Province, the theme activities on the situation, discussed the details of the security services, security, transportation, reception, publicity communication, medical and health, food and drug safety so, on the preparations for the decomposition of refinement, clear and specific responsibilities, itemized arrangements. Liu Cigui stressed that the Boao forum for Asia annual conference 2016 will be the year China home court diplomacy, summit diplomacy for the opening of the attention of society at home and abroad. At the same time, this year, the forum was established 15th anniversary, the annual meeting activities increased further. Liu Cigui pointed out that the work of security services in Hainan province from the very early start to prepare for the annual meeting of the international standard, the construction of news center, security center and other facilities, do a lot of work and achieved certain results. At present, the preparatory work has entered a comprehensive, full implementation of the preparation stage, the relevant units and departments should firmly establish the "foreign affairs no matter" concept, from the 4 aspects of co-ordination to do the preparatory work. One is to do the security work within the province in the first place, local governments at all levels should earnestly organize the hidden danger, ensure the production, transportation, food, fire protection, tourism and other aspects of the safety. The two is to make the service work to do fine, good at thinking, active thinking, will work to implement the requirements of each department, each place, each post, permeate each link, the guest needs to consider a more detailed, personalized service to do more in place, the party guests in a warm, sincere, thoughtful, attentive service atmosphere feel the excellent quality of service. The three is to beautify the environment cleaning is done in place, in accordance with the requirements of global tourism, strengthen the combination of point, line and surface, the implementation of remediation and greening filthy environment, by taking the opportunity of the forum to improve the quality of international tourism island, enhance the quality of civilization, to a clean, beautiful, colorful and bright the Hainan show in the world. Four is to give full play to the driving force of the Boao forum for Asia, the "Hainan articles" realistic writing wonderful, Hainan voice, Hainan elements, Hainan 6

博鳌亚洲论坛2016年年会海南省筹备工作启动   原标题:博鳌亚洲论坛2016年年会海南省筹备工作启动   中新网博鳌2月16日电 (记者 张茜翼)博鳌亚洲论坛2016年年会将于3月22―25日在海南举行。海南省政府15日在博鳌召开筹备工作启动大会,全面部署各项筹备工作。海南省委副书记、省长刘赐贵在会上强调,全省上下要立即行动起来,高标准、严要求、扎实细致地做好各项筹备工作,一方面为年会提供优质的服务保障,一方面借助年会平台精心做好“海南文章”。   会前,刘赐贵一行赶赴三亚、博鳌等地,现场检查论坛年会和其他重要会议活动的相关场地和接待设施,并实地考察了沿途的高铁运行、道路交通和环境整治情况。会上,听取了海南省服务与利用博鳌亚洲论坛联席会议工作机制领导小组办公室和各工作组关于2016年年会、海南省主题活动等有关情况的汇报,研究讨论了接待、交通、安保、宣传、通信、医疗卫生、食品药品安全等各项服务保障工作细节,对各项筹备工作层层分解细化,明确具体责任,逐项安排部署。   刘赐贵强调,博鳌亚洲论坛2016年年会将是今年中国主场外交、首脑外交的开篇之作,定将受到国内外社会的广泛关注。同时,今年还是论坛成立15周年,年会活动进一步增加。   刘赐贵指出,海南省从很早就开始准备本届年会的服务保障工作,建设了国际水准的新闻中心、安保中心等设施,做了大量工作,取得了一定成效。当前,筹备工作进入了全面备战、全面落实的阶段,全省各相关单位、部门都要牢固树立“外事无小事”的理念,从4个方面统筹协调做好各项筹备工作。   一是要把做好全省范围内的安全保障工作放在首位,各级各地政府要切实组织隐患排查,确保生产、交通、食品、消防、旅游等方方面面的安全。   二是要把服务工作做精做细,善于换位思考、主动思考,将工作要求落实到每个部门、每个场所、每个岗位,渗透到每一环节,把宾客需求考虑得更细致,把个性化服务做得更到位,使各方宾客在热情、真挚、周到、细腻的服务氛围中感受到优良的服务品质。   三是要把环境净化美化做实做到位,按照全域旅游的要求,加强点、线、面的结合,落实好整治脏乱差和绿化环境的要求,以论坛为契机切实提升国际旅游岛的品质,提升全省的文明素质,把一个干净、美丽、多彩、璀璨的海南呈现在世人面前。   四是要充分发挥博鳌亚洲论坛的带动力,把“海南文章”写实写精彩,将海南声音、海南元素、海南发展、海南任务融入论坛年会,加大对论坛15周年的宣传力度,有力提升海南的影响力和美誉度。(完) 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: