Branch of China merchants hand in hand in 7 billion yuan to raise funds to promote industrial upgrad cosmax

Branch of China merchants hand in hand in 7 billion yuan to raise funds to promote industrial upgrading – Beijing, Beijing, August 27,   investment in the division; the information disclosure shows that investment in the division and cooperation in investment in China to establish a joint venture fund, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shenzhen city Qianhai branch of venture investment fund launched an Cci Capital Ltd people and people management. In August 23rd, China Merchants nianzhongbao official disclosure, investment cooperation and China established the first branch of industrial transformation and upgrading of the fund, raising the scale of 7 billion yuan. One is set up over 15 years of the new three board listing of private equity giant, one is set up less than a year of private investment giant, the top two together, they are in the next big game? The people voted to take 7 billion single fund branch of China Merchants investment in China and a shot, that is 7 billion yuan of funds in the first half of the large private equity market, this figure has been in case of thunder extraordinary, but it should make the investment circles, is the "industrial transformation and upgrading" these six words. Industrial transformation and upgrading, that is, from low value-added to high value-added upgrade, from high energy consumption and high pollution to low energy consumption and low pollution upgrade, from extensive to intensive upgrade. As early as in 1992 after China’s reform and opening up, China has begun to implement the transformation and upgrading of institutional reform. However, the transformation and upgrading of so many years, or herd up chasing emerging industries, or engage in "broad brush", in some places even require regional all city must achieve third industrial added value of more than second industrial added value. Industrial transformation and upgrading is not done overnight, why so many years no substantive results come out? Where is the breakthrough point of reform? In the China Development Forum in March this year, China Merchants Group Chairman and President Dan Xiangshuang in response to CCTV reporters mentioned that an economy is a very important task this year is to capacity, so how to make the capacity to upgrade? We must carry capacity, capacity of fund capital, capacity of securitization, finally open up the assets, funds, securities, capital formation in the closed loop, so we go to the production process, a new ecological benign development. The industry transformation and upgrading of this thing who can do it? This thing people can not do, only professional institutions can do. Professional investment institutions on the one hand to the assets into the incremental capital, more importantly, the transformation and upgrading of production capacity, to implant technology, implant implantation talents, advanced management, remodeling of the industry, to reposition it, re positioning of its market, so as to activate it, in professional speaking, this is called value-added services. According to this set of practices and ideas, branch of China Merchants Fund management relying on the advantages of the industry, investment and the establishment of cooperation through industrial restructuring and upgrading of funds, taking a big step to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading. The supply side reform Pathfinder branch of China Merchants Investment leveraging force industrial upgrading and joint branch of China Merchants investment in China, the full name is China Minsheng investment Limited by Share Ltd, China as the largest private investment company, the establishment of the people voted for more than 1 years, Yu Hai and active investment market, which involved.相关的主题文章: