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Build a new financial ecology 2016 financial China Summit held in Beijing – China News Agency, China News Weekly hosted by the China news week, the 2016 financial summit held in Beijing, 28. As vice president and deputy editor of China news agency, Chinese weekly news director and editor Xia Chunping said at the summit. Lina photo by the China news service, China News Weekly hosted the 2016 China Summit held in Beijing, finance, 28. The picture shows the roundtable dialogue session. Lina photo, Beijing, September 28 Xinhua to build a new financial ecology as the theme of the 2016 China Summit held in Beijing. The summit was sponsored by the China news service, China News Weekly, China Financial Association, China microfinance alliance and China computer users association. In recent years, with the promotion of new technologies such as cloud computing and big data, showing the development trend of Internet Financial blowout, only in 2015, the number of China Internet financial industry customers have been tied to traditional banks, break through the critical point of financial reform. "This is a surprise development, simmering, vice president and deputy editor of China news agency, Chinese weekly news director and editor Xia Chunping said in his speech, from the" good "anchor to" everyone has a microphone, from reading the newspaper to "mobile phone plan", the new media industry in the ecological. Experience from the "high cold" to "down to earth", the financial industry also is, "in this new process of symbiotic mechanism, selection of active evolution to adapt to change". Chinese Internet Financial Research Institute of the people’s Bank Financial Research Center Deputy Director Wu Xuchuan, director of the China University of Political Science and Law, the Internet Financial Law Institute Professor Li Aijun, founder and CEO of OKLink OKCoin& Xu star and independent economist Ma Guangyuan and four guests attended the summit and delivered a keynote speech. How to promote the traditional mode of science and technology for financial innovation, financial technology and service life, Wu Xuchuan expressed his views in his speech: "we are important, even the only evaluation index of financial innovation, is the service of the real economy and improve people’s livelihood, your financial statements are beautiful, employment is high, the amount of large, these are minor." Li Aijun recently issued the Interim Measures for the management of network lending information intermediary business activities (hereinafter referred to as the approach) were interpreted. She said that the "measures" to form a negative list of designated business boundaries, clearly not absorb public deposits, imputation funds shall not set up the pool of funds, shall not provide any form of security for the lender. In his speech, Ma Guangyuan stressed the importance of effective supervision on Internet banking, he believes that financial innovation should have certain boundaries, should return to the financial nature of the Internet finance, "to comply with the financial rules, comply with the general principles and practices of financial supervision, we also appeared a lot of risk in the financial innovation process, we need to reflect on." Xu Mingxing in his speech on the current financial hot words block chain". He said: This is a kind of "put their books to the public" technology)相关的主题文章: