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Campus loan chaos survey: "pull" from their interest on the loan in September 11th, Beijing Weigongcun subway station can be seen everywhere on campus loan advertising. Beijing News reporter Mi Di photo hot campus loan market began to have a new change in high-pressure policy. The current time when the new report, the school on the occasion of the opening, the Beijing News reporter in September 11th Beijing visited several universities, found in several universities near the subway station has a large number of net loan advertisements. Some students told reporters that this time last year, the campus can see a lot of information on the promotion of campus loans, this year is more online push information through the network. August, China Banking Regulatory Commission, said Xu Xiaozheng, director of the Finance Department of the Ministry of finance, the campus net loan rectification proposed stop, move, the whole, teaching, cited". Under the high pressure policy, the beginning of the campus loan companies announced restructuring. September 5th, fun store group (the original campus staging platform fun staging) announced the suspension of the campus to push the business, the future will focus on consumer finance business. Net loan home CEO said that in recent years the number of campus loan platform on the growth, but as competition intensifies, the attention of the society, tighter regulation and industry standards gradually fall, the future campus loan platform will reduce the number of. Campus loan field researcher, Xue Benchuan, co-founder of 91 credit forecasts, the overall look at this year’s campus loan platform market performance compared to previous years is expected to be a lot of change. [] University visited nearby subway station across the net loan advertising in September 11th, the Beijing News reporter visited the Beijing University of Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology, Minzu University of China and other universities, were not in a conspicuous place see posters. But Beijing News reporter noted that the staging of happiness in Beijing Weigongcun subway station (there are many universities nearby) put posters, murals and other large advertising, publicity for the shopping festival. A number of students from Beijing Institute of Technology to the Beijing News reporter said, this time last year can also see a lot of campus loan advertisements, but this feeling disappeared, did not see the propaganda. Several China University of Petroleum students also told the Beijing News reporter, did not notice the phenomenon of large-scale promotion of campus loans. However, some students reflect, this time the network will continue to appear on the campus of the friends of the class of loans to promote information, it seems tempting". September 6th, fun shop (the original fun stage) also told the Beijing News reporter said that this year has gradually stopped the campus ground promotion, the future will focus on consumer finance business. [] "no unannounced visits to tell your parents on loan in September 9th, the Beijing News reporter with a Beijing student loan student identity into the network group. After two users asked whether the need for loans, and leave the phone. Beijing News reporter in the name of the name of the college students to contact the staff, and was informed that two per capita for the promotion of the same Asset Management Co in Beijing, responsible for campus loan business. "We are under the line of financial companies, more secure than some online campus loan companies." Staff Li Ming (a pseudonym) said that the company’s interest on the original loan to 5% per month, which is the annual interest rate of 60%. At present, we are looking for high-quality customers in line, down to 2%, only need to spend $two a month for one hundred dollars"相关的主题文章: