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Carsem group: the S & P 500 index in the key support level above the crumbling as we stated before, during the heating growth worries and falling oil prices under the background of global stock markets plunged today. In the United States, leisure consumer goods and financial stocks led major stock indexes to fall by more than 2%-3%. If you break below support, the sell-off may aggravate. As far as the S & P 500 index is concerned, the main support is around 182030. The index rebounded in mid January, but the scale was not significantly enlarged at that time. Now, the stock index drops again in this support area. Although there may be a rebound again, but other major stock indexes have broken the corresponding key support, so the S & P 500 index may follow the trend. Remind readers that the 182030 area is the dome of the neckline is long. If it breaks down by 1820, it may crash rapidly. In that case, it would be easy to head down to around 200 weeks’ average of 1789, or even fall into a 17507 long-term uptrend in March 2009. But there is a danger that this trend line also falls. That way, all the way to eliminating the highest point in 2007 and 2009 to the 2015 rally 38.2% retracement of the 15756 obstacles. So, there’s a lot of room to go. But as long as you hold 15756, there is no doubt that there is a small rebound in some form, the target may again point to 1900. So conservative traders may wait until the S & P 500 index goes out of its way. But because the recent trend is bearish, unless there is any change, any rebound is expected to be a flash in the pan. Jiasheng group 2016.2.9 into sina finance [shares] discussion

嘉盛集团:标普500指数在关键支撑位上方摇摇欲坠   正如我们之前指出的,在升温的成长忧虑和持续下跌的油价背景下,全球股市今天暴跌。在美国,休闲消费品和金融股引领主要股指各自跌逾2%-3%。如果下破支撑位,抛压可能加重。就标普 500指数而言,主要支撑位在1820 30附近。此股指1月中旬反弹的位置就是这里,但那时的规模未能明显扩大。现在,股指再次下探此支撑区域。虽然有可能再次反弹,但因为其它一些主要股指业已下破对应的关键支撑,所以标普 500指数可能跟风。   提醒读者,1820 30区域是长期圆顶的颈线所在。如果有效下破1820,可能迅速暴跌。那样的话,可能很容易就先行跌至200周均线1789附近,甚至跌至2009年3月低点拉出的一根长期上涨趋势线1750 7区域。但还存在一种危险,就是这根趋势线也失守。那样的话,可能清除一路狂奔至2007年最高点兼2009年到2015年整个上涨行情的38.2%回档位1575 6的障碍。   所以,下跌空间巨大。但只要守住1575 6,无疑有某种形式反弹的小机会,目标可能再次指向1900。所以,保守的交易员或许等到标普 500指数走出自己的走势之后再行加入。但因为近期趋势看跌,除非有变化,否则任何反弹预计都是昙花一现。   嘉盛集团   2016.2.9 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: