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Central inspector: Daqing million acres of wetlands in Harbin were destroyed more than half of coal – fired power exceed the standard Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on November 15th news (reporter Du Ximeng) to implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council on environmental protection inspectors important decision-making deployment, from July 19, 2016 to August 19th, the central second environmental protection inspector group to carry out environmental protection inspector of Heilongjiang province. And the formation of inspector. Approved by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the inspector group on November 2016 15 to the Heilongjiang provincial government. The inspector believes that in recent years, the Heilongjiang provincial government to seriously implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council on ecological civilization construction and environmental protection policies and arrangements, in-depth study and understand the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, set up "green mountains and rivers is jinshanyinshan, development of the concept of a world of ice and snow is jinshanyinshan, study the introduction of" on the promotion of ecological civilization the construction of the "opinions" of Party government and relevant departments of environmental protection responsibilities "and other policy measures, continue to strengthen the organization and leadership of the environmental protection work. Heilongjiang province to actively promote the protection of the ecological environment, full stop commercial logging of natural forests, the black land protection of major projects and reduce pesticide, fertilizer reduction, herbicides and other agricultural "minus three" action. Strengthen the construction of nature reserves, the province has established 251 nature reserves, of which the national protected area of 40, the number of ranking first in the country. Actively promote the air and water pollution control, the implementation of ecological environmental protection engineering Xingkai Lake, Lake Jingpo and Wudalianchi lake water quality is good, and the Songhua River basin water pollution control planning project, to carry out heating, water supply, gas supply, sewage treatment, garbage disposal and other "three for two governance projects, and actively implement the action plan for air pollution prevention and control. Through the efforts of surface water in Heilongjiang Province in 2015, water quality I to III ratio of 17.8 percentage points higher than in 2010, "12th Five-Year" during the water quality of Songhua River River by the light pollution to the good, the first half of 2016 the province’s PM2.5 and PM10 mean concentrations decreased more than 20%, "12th Five-Year" period, the province’s forest coverage rate increased by 1.5%. Inspectors pointed out that although the environmental protection work in Heilongjiang has achieved some success, but some areas and regional environmental problems, and the central requirements and the masses are still looking forward to a significant gap. The main problems are: first, the work of the deployment of the existence of lower standards, relaxation requirements. "Heilongjiang water pollution prevention and control work plan" will be required by the state by the end of 2020, the county, city sewage treatment rate reached 85%, 95% down to 80%, about 90%". Air pollution control action plan of Heilongjiang province (2016-2018), iron and steel enterprises sintering machine and pellet production equipment to install desulphurization facilities by the state in 2017 to be postponed until the year of 2018. "Action plan" for air pollution prevention and control implementation is not in place, since October 2013, the province’s new registered 10 tons of steam per hour and coal-fired small boilers 3031 units; the province’s coal-fired power plant in the production units 316 units, 274 units did not complete.相关的主题文章: