Changsha property market regulation will be issued within the month of Mei Sihu one or 1 billion sho-aspack

Changsha property market regulation issued within the month? Mei Sihu one or 1 billion shooting related video: Changsha property market fell for two consecutive weeks (the original title: Changsha version of the property market regulation introduced within the month?) Red net Changsha November 9th hearing, Changsha’s current housing prices continue to rise, the relevant restrictions on the purchase of credit policy will be introduced in the year? In a more mainstream market speculation is: regulation Changsha version of the order may be introduced at the end of November or early December. Senior industry insiders Hu Zhigang said that if the introduction of "soft version" regulatory policy in the month, for the future healthy development of the property market in Changsha is favorable. "Because the regulatory order seems to have become a sword hanging on the market head, when does it go out? Will it be tough?…… All the problems are pending, thus aggravating the wait-and-see mood in the market." A senior property owner told Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter, 22 this month, a piece of residential land located in Mei Sihu area is about to start shooting, listing the starting price of more than 1 billion. At present, more than ten developers have signed up for auction, including foreign capital predators who are known for their ferocity, and will participate in bidding. That is to say, probably at the end of November Changsha will be the birth of a new "the most expensive land."." Many industry insiders predict that once the "new king" shines into reality, it is likely that the Changsha version of the property market control order issued. (red net Xiaoxiang Morning Post reporter Dai Dan)

长沙楼市调控令月内出台?梅溪湖一地或10亿开拍相关视频: 长沙楼市连续两周成交量下跌 (原标题:“长沙版”楼市调控令月内出台?)红网长沙11月9日讯 长沙当前的房价在持续走高,相关限购限贷政策是否会在年内出台?一种在市场上较为主流的猜测是:长沙版的调控令可能会在11月底或12月初出台。资深业内人士胡治钢表示,如果月内推出“温柔版”的调控政策,对于长沙楼市未来的健康发展反而有利。“因为调控令似乎已成为悬在市场头上的一把剑,什么时候出?会不会很严厉……所有的问题悬而未决,因此加重了市场的观望情绪。”一位资深地产人士向潇湘晨报记者透露,本月22日,一块位于梅溪湖片区内的住宅用地即将开拍,挂牌起始价逾10亿。“目前已有十几家开发商报名竞拍,包括以拿地凶猛著称的外来资本大鳄融创,也会参与竞价。也就是说,很可能在11月底长沙会诞生新的‘地王’。”多位业内人士预判,一旦“新地王”照进现实,很可能就是长沙版楼市调控令出台之时。(红网 潇湘晨报记者 戴丹)相关的主题文章: