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Changsha Xiaoxiang road 24, traffic open two-way six Lane eight Lane original title: Xiaoxiang road traffic tomorrow open two-way six Lane eight lane line of asphalt paving is completed, six lane two-way eight lane, bus station change Bay Changsha evening news Xiaoxiang road is the most important river from north to south of the city main road. Shun Feng Xinmin Road opened to traffic in 2002, has been 14 years already, the road is uneven, poor road conditions. In August 24th this year, Xiaoxiang road vehicle road renovation project officially started, after 1 months of intense construction, yesterday, with the last car in the surface layer of asphalt paving Fu Bu River junction is completed, the project implementation of the main completed, is expected to 24 this month, we will open all the traffic. Reporters yesterday at the construction site to see, 3 sets of paver are Xiaoxiang Road on the west side of parallel operations, laying the asphalt paver, open, high temperature asphalt concrete is evenly paved on the road, behind the 3 sets of roller compaction followed. The asphalt paving after leaving the road marking and both sides of the bus station construction." A construction site staff told reporters. The project construction units, Hunan construction group West Lake Xiaoxiang road project department responsible Ning told reporters that the construction of the transformation is mainly to the Xiaoxiang road Xinmin Road to Fengshun road 5.28 km road to focus on remediation, mainly for disposal according to the road on both sides of the road, the bus station station, Lu Ping stone, such as the replacement of rainwater grate. Project was scheduled for 50 days, in various efforts, after a day and night fighting for the last 30 days, and finally completed the transformation of the last 20 days and open traffic." Ning hall said. Hunan construction group West Lake Xiaoxiang Road Project Engineer Xie Weiguo told reporters, after the transformation of the upper road Xiaoxiang road laying is 4 cm thick basalt asphalt, with high hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other properties, and high flatness, low noise, traffic is very comfortable, use for a long time after the pavement color remains unchanged. Another important change is reflected in the road on both sides of the bus station settings. Xiaoxiang road along the bus station before the renovation is set between motor vehicles and non motorized vehicles, when the bus stop is often parked in the motor vehicle lane, the impact on other vehicles. But because of non motorized road 3 meters wide, often have the motor vehicle lane. After the transformation of the Xiaoxiang Road 11 stations moved to both sides of 1.25 meters, a bay bus station, and the addition of a dedicated bus lane, non motorized vehicles are from the original 3 meters reduced to 1.75 meters, the vehicle will not pass through non motorized vehicles, pedestrians safer. The main road traffic lane Xiaoxiang adjusted from the original six lanes to two-way eight lane, traffic efficiency will be greatly improved. (Changsha evening news reporter Chen Huanming Intern Du Jiao)相关的主题文章: