Chengdu 30 elderly self dam feast each do 1 dishes Chongyang (Figure) – Beijing

Chengdu 30 elderly " self " dam feast do 1 dishes each Chongyang (Figure) – Beijing each make a dish up Chongyang feast. Chengdu nine in a district road embankment dam feast old people eat Double Ninth festival. "Hot to!" in October 9th, nine in Chengdu Jinniu District road embankment, 63 year old Ji Zhiming holding just do fried chicken, yelling came to the area of dam. The yard is very lively, nearly 30 elderly people sitting at the table, talking, the table has been filled with colored dishes. The day is the Double Ninth Festival, this group of people together, they decided to "self": a dam feast every household to make a dish, add up to a small old family dinner table". During the dinner, the elderly because of a dish, remember to Sichuan army years; some people talk about daily life, the neighborhood face no more than 5 minutes…… Each have a joyous gathering a Home Dishes on the morning of 9 10, five nine yuan in road embankment in many busy than usual. In a courtyard, some residents moved to the tables and chairs, dishes, drinks, there are people in the busy washing and cutting vegetables, preparing for the appointment Chongyang dam feast. The 69 year old Guo Zhumin is one of the Party led by chongyang. "Before the Chongyang, many elderly people have their own." He said, to participate in the activities of the elderly aged 65 on average, the highest age is nearly 90 years old, "their children have their own family, the Double Ninth Festival to cold, we went out under the lively." "I was going to the farmhouse." Guo Zhumin said, taking into account the mobility of the elderly, decided in the district office table, "let each a Home Dishes, together with a table of dam feast." On the morning of 11, simply put up 4 meters long table, put on the fried chicken, steamed pork with rice flour, Double cooked pork slices and other 20 kinds of vegetables, the elderly are still busy in mutual blessing. Daily 5 minutes on the table but quarrel blush, 86 year old Yang Sulan ate a lot of sensual touch up. She is not a native, and the story of Sichuan from a bowl of meat, a man. In 1949, Henan girl Yang Sulan join the PLA Nanjing army financial brigade, became a soldier. After the liberation army went to Sichuan to participate in the battle. Here, she had to meet a partner, Double cooked pork slices, and settled in Sichuan in 1958. Since then, she and her husband have 3 children and 1 women, and now the children have grown up, have their own struggle. Later, his wife passed away, usually she is a person to live, but a lot of elderly care for her district. The 66 year old Feng Sitao said, sometimes the children also come back to visit, but stay for a long time or a bunch of old neighbors, "sometimes we will fight, but generally less than 5 minutes, finally found what became a pro." Community: 70% households for the elderly, will promote the activities of this group of people witnessed the joy of life, and to be invited to the five new community staff. "At first there was some accident." The community Secretary Zhou Yi said, originally he is to call my parents, say the blessing of the festival, several residents will find the East相关的主题文章: