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China tourists in Australia to fight the police was arrested urinating fell fracture of the original title: tourists in Australia China pee was arrested in November 1st, micro-blog users @ @ micro Australia said the day before, Wenzhou Tour 2 tour, was arrested by the police in Sydney, is actually the cause of urine! In the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney, they are urinating in public places, police arrested after assaulting a police officer, was subdued, argued that the patient fell on the ground, with the domestic pengci that set, an ambulance rushed to the scene! It’s a shame, but the public restroom is only three minutes’ walk…… A tourist guide said: "there were two guests on the lawn of Sydney, so that the police saw. The police ran after them. They ran with their pants. They are angry, to the police. One of the policemen broke his shoulder and broke a man on the ground. Now the ambulance and the police are coming." Australian police confirmed that at that time, 1 66 year old China men and 1 41 year old man in Sydney Chinese Royal Botanic Garden urinating in the police to stop, also make aggressive moves. At present, 2 men accused of assaulting a police officer, has been arrested by local police arrest and prosecution. They will appear in court on December 12th. November 2nd, Wenzhou District, Lucheng relevant departments confirmed that someone’s 66 year old tourists have returned home for fracture treatment, will go to Australia before the court to participate in the trial. The visitors said he suffered from frequent micturition, convenient when it was unable to go to the botanical garden in the corner, just began to urinate the police came over. Editor in charge: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: