China will prohibit the new steel capacity adjustment North South light layout darren hayes

China will prohibit the new steel capacity adjustment "North South light" of the original title: Ministry: non steel industry adjustment and upgrade planning of new steel production before 2020 10 key steel enterprises to enhance the degree of concentration to 60% the Ministry issued 14 "(2016-2020)" proposed that by 2020, the iron and steel industry to achieve full industry fundamental turnaround. On this basis, the future of China’s new steel production capacity is strictly prohibited, to stop the expansion of the scale of the construction of steel production capacity of all investment projects, structural adjustment and transformation projects must strictly implement capacity reduction replacement. Specifically, the objectives for a net reduction of 100 million crude steel production capacity of -1.5 million tons, steel crude steel production capacity from the current 11.3 tons to 10 tonnes; the rate of capacity utilization, from the current 70% to 80%, up 10 percentage points; the degree of industrial concentration, the 10 key steel enterprises concentration from the current 34.2% to 60%, up 25 percentage points above. Planning pointed out that "13th Five-Year" period, steel sluggish demand and overcapacity coexist is difficult to fundamentally change. Therefore, to promote the iron and steel industry supply side structural reforms, efforts to resolve the overcapacity is a pressing matter of the moment a turnaround, the development of iron and steel industry. China Iron and Steel Association vice president Chi Jingdong introduction, 12th Five-Year period, China’s steel production capacity reached 11.3 tons, the focus of large and medium enterprises debt ratio of more than 70%. In addition, the utilization rate of crude steel production decreased from 79% in 2010 to about 70% in 2015, steel production capacity has been gradually changed from regional, structural surplus to absolute excess. Industry concentration does not rise and fall, the former ten iron and steel enterprises in the industrial concentration of 2010 dropped to 34% in 2015, far from reaching the "plan" in 12th Five-Year, "60%" goal. But demand has decreased. Chi Jingdong said that by 2020, the international side, crude steel consumption and production remained at a level of about 16 tons. Domestically, steel consumption intensity and total consumption will double down trend, is expected in 2020 will drop to 650 million -7 million tons, -8 million tons of crude steel output 750 million. Insiders said that the planning for the first time will be able to clear the pressure reduction to reduce energy production, we can see the determination of iron and steel production capacity. My steel mesh chief information officer Xu Xiangchun said earlier, the iron and steel industry five years planning names are "development planning", but "13th Five-Year" planning directly named "the development direction of adjustment planning" has highlighted China’s iron and steel industry in the next five years. In addition to the total amount of control, in terms of new capacity, in the past many places in our country to implement the same amount of replacement, and planning this clearly pointed out that the full implementation of the reduction of replacement." Xu Xiangchun said. The plan, the country will not be allowed by the iron smelting capacity, stop the construction of all investment projects expand steel production capacity scale, structural adjustment and renovation projects must strictly enforce the capacity reduction replacement, has been approved by the state and local record, the steel projects under construction should also carry out reduction replacement. Among them, Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, pearl Three, 2相关的主题文章: