China’s most mysterious tanker exposure for the first time confirmed that the air force has been equ

The most mysterious Chinese refueling exposure: for the first time confirmed air force equipment (Figure) – Sohu military channel page first: the most mysterious Chinese refueling exposure [click the picture to the next page] for the number 20643 of the Chinese air force Ilyushin 78 tanker. Recently, the Internet media released photos of China air force division a Ilyushin -78 refueling machine, you can clearly see it under the wing of the UPAZ-1 air refueling pod, the first to confirm that the PLA Air Force has been equipped with IL -78. Before that, in China official media reports, has repeatedly appeared PLA equipment Su -30 fighter to accept refueling photos in the air, although there are some photos that can China air force has been equipped with IL -78, but still can not get specific confirmed in recent years called the China Air Force’s most mysterious models. In May 2016, the Ukraine state news agency has published an article published in the disclosure, Ukraine special equipment import and Export Corporation in 2011 and China signed sales to China 3 Ilyushin -78 tanker contract, the contract value of nearly $44 million 787 thousand and 100 in Ukraine, these aircraft resumed repair and refit, the supply to the China people’s Liberation Army Air force. The report also said that in September 2014, Ukraine will be the first Ilyushin -78 delivery Chinese, then delivered in June 26, 2015 second, the air force China numbers for April 16, 206422016, third Ilyushin -78 tanker flew from Ukraine airport to the Coolibah keno, three Yi Er -78 refueling equipment in all Chinese air force thirteenth division thirty-eighth regiment. Page second: the most mysterious China refueling exposure [click the picture to the next page] map users in Russia to export China shooting Nikolayev IL -78 tanker. Military experts on the "camouflage faction" said Chinese equipment uses a lot of Russian gas pipe standard Su -30 fighter, due to a lack of filling machine, the important function of Su -30 fighter has been in a "hold", and after the introduction of IL -78 tanker, Su -30 aerial refueling training will be able to restart, and can greatly expand the scope of activities of China Su -30 fighter, effectively strengthen the Chinese in the direction of a certain air deterrent. Before that, based on the British standard -6 Chinese air detonation oil tanker, RDC-1 is used only for refueling pod, F-8 II series and -10 series of air refueling fighters. The experts also believe that the Navy and air force PLA currently active -30MKK Su MKK2 fighter, fighter -10 fighter, II fighter, F-8 f -15, -16, and is about to serve the Su -35, f -20 fighter has air refueling capability, so only 3 Ilyushin -78 plus oil machine cannot meet aviation the PLA existing demand. After the operation of -20 equipment China air force, although many analysts believe that, -20 suitable for conversion into early warning aircraft, refueling and other special aircraft, but with little warning China platform concept and development platform, -20 is the earliest.相关的主题文章: