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Chinese is how to "destroy the Great Wall"? Sohu Liaoning Suizhong comments "the most beautiful wild the Great Wall" — a small estuary of the Great Wall (with a history of over 700 years) in the repair process by "mortar" over the news recently in the online heat transfer, the local security agency said in response to the matter in accordance with legal procedures, the State Cultural Relics Bureau said it will strictly check for. The Great Wall of the Chinese nation as a symbolic cultural relic, in the past years, although the protection gradually overweight, but the failure behavior is the improper repairs, It is often seen., is becoming a new "enemy of the protection of the the Great Wall". Why is the Great Wall so hard to protect? This place and security consciousness, human resources, government regulation and other closely related. A small mouth net paste broke, the Great Wall had broken wall etc. are people with mortar moping.     network picture "repair bad" the Great Wall or involving illegal the Great Wall estuary was "bad news" originated from a net paste. Netizens Wei Yongxian broke the news: small estuary the Great Wall had broken wall are people with mortar (after the Department responded that lime) smooth, full of wild the Great Wall became hardened road". For the ancient the Great Wall like this "old city", public opinion questioned: "this is not to repair the repair, it is destroyed." The local cultural protection department in response to questions that the Suizhong local the Great Wall maintenance engineering application by the provincial and national approval of relevant departments, from the design, approval, project supervision and acceptance, each step is reasonable and legitimate. However, the program is reasonable and the oral surface, the reality is that a hundred years old the Great Wall is already beyond recognition, difficult to recover. China ICOMOS scholar Fang Qingsong introduced the "the Great Wall protection regulations" provisions of article twenty-third, the repairs to the the Great Wall, shall abide by the principle of not changing the original state; "People’s Republic of China cultural relics protection law" stipulates that the twenty-first, the immovable cultural relics repair, maintenance, transfer, must comply with the principle of not change the cultural status quo. In view of this, the local the Great Wall repair "beyond", may no longer be simple but violations, violations of the law. The the Great Wall is seen as a new "enemy" of the the Great Wall, and the old enemy is the man-made destruction of ancient the Great Wall for many years. Inventory of past news reports, the relevant cases abound. Chinese each time the Great Wall total length of over 20 thousand km, more than 40 thousand kinds of heritage, including 15 located in city of Beijing Province, Hebei Province, Shanxi Province, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Liaoning province and Qinghai province (autonomous regions and municipalities) 404 counties (districts). There are data that, at present, the proportion of the Great Wall wall disappeared has reached 30%. One of the reasons for the disappearance of the history of the process of promoting the objective cause, the two, but also the most distressing is man-made damage. In 2002, Hebei County of Zhangjiakou langwogou under the Great Wall Road, the media reported that local farmers to open the Great Wall, will sell stone construction units to 15 yuan price of a tractor. Finally led to more than 1000 meters of the the Great Wall was dug to the ground of three feet; in 2006, a newly built highway.相关的主题文章: