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Chinese polio vaccine improved the gap to fill China polio vaccine improved the gap to fill Wang Yue [in addition to the current Kunming can get approval to begin production, there are three companies also got a virus, but unfortunately, because of the lengthy approval process, the product is difficult in the short term market transition period [] in the present in stage 17 million newborns each year, inactivated vaccine of the spinal cord gray gap of about 4 million injections, and if the supply is not timely increase in two years, to 2018 4 injection implementation of inactivated vaccine, Chinese will face 50 million injection around the gap. "1/10000, 1/100000, one in a million can make me meet…… Desolate reunion night, as long as the baby can stand up, can walk can run, happy to grow up." This is a micro-blog name as a singing fish m "mother of micro-blog, a month ago, her children taking the pill drops (i.e. vaccine live attenuated polio vaccine) after high fever, left lower limb paralysis autonomic activities can not, the doctor’s diagnosis, her child will likely face the future lifelong paralysis. Although the "singing fish m" families are subject to national disease control departments to verify, but in fact, 17 million similar experience in Chinese newborn family almost every year in a fixed probability staged: one of the adverse reactions which belongs to the live attenuated polio vaccine, according to WHO statistics, due to the use of live attenuated vaccine the infection of poliomyelitis (commonly known as "poliomyelitis") the probability is about one millionth, but this is one in a million is enough to make every family very careful, because once touched, will face the difficult to treat the lifelong paralysis. Although it has not been fully identified disease control department, but in the live vaccine injection process, there will be a certain proportion of children will have such adverse reactions." A foreign pharmaceutical companies in the vaccine industry marketing executive Cao Mo (a pseudonym) told the "First Financial Daily" reporter. Fortunately, the birth of the inactivated vaccine the spinal cord can avoid these adverse reactions, but the supply is insufficient, the gap is about 4 million. From the "invisible candy bomb" in China, all kinds of free vaccine to a child from birth to 18 years old adults need a total of about 28 needle inoculation. Among them, to prevent polio, also known as polio poliomyelitis vaccine that most parents worried, because according to the estimation of the World Health Organization, the world every year in 250~500 cases ranging from due to the pill oral polio cases, the average incidence rate of adverse reaction in millionth. Although the probability of adverse reactions on the touch can be "very low" to describe, but once the devil will produce smoke, muscle atrophy, nerve dysfunction, paralysis and other serious reaction, for the number of families, this is almost the crowning calamity. Almost every year, the incidence of adverse events associated with a reduction in the rate of live attenuated vaccine. "In the global polio eradication progress, China can play a huge role, live vaccine is also considered to have contributed. But can not deny the theory相关的主题文章: