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The new season of Chinese women’s Basketball League opens on 16 th day – Xinjiang Channel – People’s network 2016 – 2017 season Chinese women’s Basketball League (WCBA) regular competition will open on 16 th day, the opening battle for Beijing women’s basketball team against Liaoning women’s basketball team, the first round of other competitions are also carried out. The new competition system after the new season has been divided into 4 stages: preliminaries, regular season, playoffs and finals. After the previous qualifiers, Beijing, Xinjiang, Shanxi, Shanghai, Liaoning and other 12 teams into the regular season. WCBA all star game will be held in January 21, 2017. Playoff February 4th war, 14 finals with 3 wins 2 wins system, semi finals and finals by the 5 Battle 3 wins system. Finals such as playing 5 games, the end of the league in March 7, 2017. Zhang Xiong, head of the league office, said: "under the new competition system, each team needs to play at least 32 games, an increase of 46% compared with the original competition." On the day of the press conference, the State General Administration of sport basketball Management Center Deputy Director Hu Jiashi said, to improve the competitive level of the league has been incorporated into the new cycle of Olympic Games for the system, the new league season theme is "ready", hope carries the dream of girls basketball can strengthen confidence, hard skills, to revitalize the business China basketball ready. (Fan Jiayuan) "people’s Daily" (October 14, 2016 19 Edition) (commissioning editor: MA (Intern) Bingqian, Han Ting)

中国女子篮球联赛新赛季16日开打–新疆频道–人民网 2016―2017赛季中国女子篮球联赛(WCBA)常规赛将于16日开幕,揭幕战为北京女篮主场对阵辽宁女篮,首轮其他比赛也同时进行。 新赛季延续改革后的新赛制,分成预选赛、常规赛、季后赛和总决赛4个阶段进行。经过此前的预选赛,北京、新疆、山西、上海、辽宁等12支队伍进入常规赛。WCBA全明星赛将于2017年1月21日举行。季后赛2月4日开战,1 4决赛采用3战2胜制,半决赛和总决赛采用5战3胜制。总决赛如打满5场,联赛结束时间为2017年3月7日。 联赛办公室负责人张雄介绍:“新赛制下,每支队最少要打32场比赛,比原先比赛场次增加46%。”在当天进行的新闻发布会上,国家体育总局篮球运动管理中心副主任胡加时表示,提高联赛竞技水平已被纳入到新奥运周期备战工作体系中,新赛季联赛主题定为“蓄势”,希望怀揣梦想的女篮姑娘们能坚定信心、苦练内功,为振兴中国篮球事业蓄势。(范佳元) 《 人民日报 》( 2016年10月14日 19 版) (责编:马冰倩(实习)、韩婷)相关的主题文章: