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Compared to "in July and she", I also love the "bankruptcy sisters" – Sohu click on the top of blue attention so that we do together on the strength of the girl! "In July and still" score of 7.7 on, in writing to recommend people from the media, and we also wrote for. In July and she became a close friend: probably with love, I could not bear to see. What’s more, I’m Anne’s old powder. She influenced me throughout adolescence, cause I always like quiet, is unwilling to keep dry, do not want a man of the world every hour and moment. "In July and she" looks good, the lens is very beautiful, amazing clips, enough to tear. Even the soundtrack was just right, the girls around me were crying, including me. And, it is also with the shock of temperature, there is a kind of scattered in the sad. But before I went to the cinema, I prayed and said, "don’t quarrel with each other face to face.". This makes me very sad, sad place does not lie in this scenario is not good. But why not — a movie about Tanzania, girls do not quarrel rash and too much in haste, not friendship, mutual tear, not splashed a glass of red wine, not hoarse, and fell in love with a boy. Even the "get out of it! Tumor Jun, the film, but also inexplicably scolded out: "you will always be someone else!" (effect) such a thing. Autumn way, I have to wait for the "bankruptcy sisters" a new season of renewal. "About the friendship than girls in July and still", I still love this drama "bankruptcy sisters". From the beginning of 2012 to see the "bankruptcy sisters", particularly clever, is just the autumn, I decided to seriously dream, want to be a writer when. The drama of the two girls — Caroline and Max in the dream. They had a completely parallel life trajectory, is born with a golden spoon, graduated from the Walton School of business of the super rich two generations, a father’s identity is unknown, mother’s Day alcohol, had abandoned her orphan". Until Caroline’s father because of fraud had been emptied, chained and thrown into prison, so she had to make a living from the rich district of New York Broolyn came to a small restaurant, it met Max. From the luxury bath villa to shabby was robbed the apartment, from the ladies to a fabulously rich restaurant waiter, she lost all of the upper class. Even her boyfriend has evaporated after the scandal broke. Although in the slums, but Caroline has never forgotten her business pursuit. Know that Max is good at making small cakes, Caroline in the best of spirits to her depicts a cake shop dream. Of course, Max does not believe — expect two service wages which life to save $120 thousand fund set up shop! But Caroline believes. She diligently described the dreams of the beautiful shop to Max, also made a "dream Sketchpad" — A相关的主题文章: