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County agriculture and airport economy attached to   Xihua airport economy poised to sail – Henan channel — reporter (reporter Zhao Chunxi correspondent Zhang Jianwei Hu Xinsheng) "take off! Attention control flight speed!" In November 24th, the UAV Industry Park in Xihua County, Henan and no technician manufacturing company is man-machine flight of uav. Build an airport at home, make an airplane…… With the planning and implementation of general airport, UAV Industrial Park, airport economic experimentation area project, Xihua aviation dream is a step into reality. As a traditional agricultural county of Xihua, is how to become attached and the airport economy? "Our experience is to adhere to innovation and development, from national and provincial pattern plan for the future of Xihua, the courage to try, good at innovation, cultivate new industries, cultivate new advantages of Xihua future development." Xihua county Party Secretary Lin Hongjia said. By the end of 2012, to understand the country to promote the development of the general aviation industry information, Xihua plans to build a universal airport. 2013, Xihua general airport construction procedures completed. In 2014, Xihua successfully introduced small aircraft George Heinz American manufacturing project, approved for airport construction, the building and the airshow airshow hall for completion, Xihua became the first county-level city construction general airport. The General Administration of civil aviation, civil aviation bureau, Ji’nan air force, Henan Province Civil Aviation Bureau of Xihua county general aviation development support, Xihua general airport was included in the "Henan Province general aviation development plan (2014~2020)" one of the four general airport to accelerate the. Xihua general airport construction to fill the gaps in the Zhoukou aviation industry, the development of Xihua and even the rise of the Zhoukou injected new vitality. For strengthening the general aviation industry, promote the development of related industries, the second half of 2014, the county’s active docking Zhengzhou airport economic comprehensive experimentation area, experimentation area, Xihua airport economic planning project. Xihua Airport Economic experimentation area is the first County Airport Economic experimentation area. The construction of the experimentation area, will enable the Xihua general airport upgraded to set aviation, medical, aviation plant protection, disaster relief, weather detection, remote sensing, sightseeing and aircraft manufacturing, pilot training, business aviation, aviation logistics in an aviation city, development prospects. To speed up the general airport and the airport economic experimentation area construction, Xihua county investment promotion efforts to extend the aviation industry chain, industrial clusters. Since last June, Xihua county has signed a production project of UAV and Wuxi, and Shenzhen, China Zhuhai Yu Jiang Shenzhen, and other 14 companies. At present, Henan and Henan have been completed and put into production, R & D fly job shop, the data center has been put into use, Henan cool agricultural production workshop and office display area, UAV data platform, the command center has been built, Xihua UAV production base construction achievements. Xihua county general aviation industry booming, attracting Henan Civil Aviation Development Investment Co., Ltd. to seek cooperation. In May 30th this year, the two sides formally marry, together with the construction of Xihua Airport Economic experimentation area, planning area of 10 square kilometers)相关的主题文章: