Crude oil rely on 10 day moving average to do more, is expected to break the high point of the year 660003

Crude oil to rely on the 10 day moving average to do more, is expected to break the high point of the year Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! People ah, you can always lose, you can lose a lot of times. But the last time, be sure to win. And I’m the one who can take you! I have a habit of writing analysis, a brief review of yesterday or the recent market. The past is history, history is always amazing. Crude oil yesterday was staged a number of roller coaster, the Asian plate minimum of 49.59 U.S. dollars and then rebound. Europe continued to rebound to $50.35 and down until the u.s.. Last night, I am also the layout of the EIA empty single, not much talk nonsense. Because the EIA U.S. crude oil inventories increased 4 million 900 thousand barrels, this is the first time since the six weeks increased, so the price of crude oil directly below the intraday low of $49.35. But the closing has defended the daily ma10 day moving average, the daily closing yang. This morning I was proposed based on average 10 days bottomed out, because of the recent K conversion is more frequent, even if the EIA inventory increases, the price rebound is up, indicating that the trend is bullish. But if the short-term changes of K price adjustment. We always have to remember that the market is walking to see, do not go all the way to black. During the day, the Asian plate broke through 50.40 and reached a high of $51.1. At the top of the pressure to focus on the first 51.50 near the bottom of the focus on the support of the 50.4. For the operation, I suggest that the callback can do, in the vicinity of 50.4 more than a single layout, a target of 51-51.6, held to see a higher goal to lighten up the broken bits; as for the empty one, you can try the above 51.3 Qingcang, breaking the high point of the year 51.67: stop out. The empty single quilt of friends, and has yet to release a friend, certainly is a relatively deep. I suggest this time I also worry It doesn’t help the situation. release method, style may not like other teachers, I still think that the list is not attached to release your hand set, but how to minimize the loss of trapping. I use a simple example, to let you have an epiphany. For example, you lock single now, you have 10 hand 100t empty single gas in the 5700 point, because I am currently main guide to natural gas, natural gas is now 6050 points, but you have 10 hands in 6150 more than a single, which is usually referred to the lock. More than a single solution, the current bull trend is obvious. Your empty single want to come out, only one method is in constant and high margin, regardless of its market outlook does not rise up, I do not know whether you understand. Of course, this is the amount of money you have requested, but because of their own species, we need to bear the fruit. We have to do is to the bottom of the empty single fold high. Keep the same purpose, I believe that you do not know. Do the same with your hands, in order to save your lock at the same time, you have to continue to make up for the loss of your list by the short list, if the theory of相关的主题文章: