Detective Conan, heavy plate first set PV announced a new one and a

"Detective Conan" "heavy plate" first sets of PV announced a new and a stick to the previous "detective Conan" decided to launch the special anniversary of the 20 year old animation and known as who has not seen the true and the first words! This will be the original author Aoyama comprehensive supervision. And this is not only a special 2 hours to reset the TV animation of the first episode, there will be a lot of new drama debut. In September 17th, the first official announcement of true PV was released. What are the surprises? Look at it together. (animation broadcast, Kudou Shinichi will get a gin stick.) "Detective Conan" really, detective Kudou Shinichi and ran the first PV: high school students in the amusement park and found two strange actions of black men, then track them unexpectedly filled the mysterious poison a "APTX4869", but because of the side effects of the drug, a new body was returned to the status of children. To make the people around him were implicated, pseudonym for Edokawa Conan, live in the home of Mao Lilan, with watch Agasa Hakase invented a tranquilizer gun get Kogoro sleeping, then bow to imitate his voice changer for reasoning, solve a number of cases, and has been looking for the whereabouts of the black organization I hope some day in the future, will be brought to justice, and return to their original appearance. "Detective Conan" really the first word PV screenshot: [source: animation star]相关的主题文章: