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Travel-and-Leisure To Dien Bien, one address Mch visitors often find each other to a name, a cultural tourism bring the bold lines characteristic of Thai, not only in the publications of, the xoe, or items featured food, but also in life’s raw chastity is not affected by modernization. Ten copies located city of Dien Bien approximately 2 km, has about 100 households with a few hundred demographic. Career of people are growing rice and livestock, but tourism is gradually be.ing revenue stability for children, although not high. In 20 of Dien Bien province has the music does not move, then the music of Ten’s most famous, and also the most expensive goods. In the name, her home and would like to have three members to participate in the music, two daughters and a daughter-in-law, in which only Dinh Thi daughter she is one of the former members of the music from newly established, senior has more than 10 years. Ms. Want Since 1999, Ms. Vuong Thi Movie, in the capital is the mission of an art, was established by the music and dance teaching, teaching music to the ‘actor’ is not professional. In addition, artisans blowing pi Pap best fishmonger Van Pho also was invited th?i pi Pap teaching, singing folk songs for the music. Until now, the music has seen 14 members, 10 male and 4 female. The songs of the Thai people as Xoe business together, A beautiful Muong Then, from the xoe ever, leaves the praise, in praise, in praise t?u; the xoe, dancing up by actor "leaves of garden plants "demos always attractive especially to tourists. In 2003, the Ten were constructing a culture, since then, every weekend festival is the cultural bright lights again, wel.e visitors from everywhere to exchange. After Tet, the year of the 55 year anniversary of the victory of Dien Bien Phu, the music of Ten be.e expensive guests, are invited to show in many provinces in the country. Not the store, the team’s calendar of arts and watertight by visitors unexpected surge. Model from the music of Ten, now the province of Dien Bien has 20 copies to have the ethnic music. Some of that is built into the view of culture and tourism of the province, including the MI Co, Pa of the calendar, and of, the Men, the Pe Luong, Phieng the error and the Ten. In addition to to enjoy the xoe, the singing of the Thai sweeter, visitors also find the Ten to address as a culinary specialty, with the traditional food of the ethnic Thai. Lo Thi Anh, her student teaching, daughter of Mr. Lo Van UN, leaders Ten said: "The End week, visitors to the large crowds. Most of them want to enjoy Thai dishes such as buffalo meat, jerky, after Thai (including buttery, vegetable cheeks, ng?n and female flowers of trees …), carving bamboo shoots slow cross, buffalo meat grades pia year, spring baked fish, vegetables and Mr. Bo … He is also told, some food strange mouth, according to a unique season of the Thai man has a buffalo dot boil salt chilli, if separate lines or boil xo, tree leaves only (a vegetable that smell good seed in lettuce ) boil them with the ng?n n?, flowers on the map … are also many different customers Mch to order. A tray of rice dishes, including meat, vegetables, NOM, bamboo shoots … Such cost about 500 thousand dong. In the name, now there are three families receive services cuisine with dishes such as ethnicity. To east from about the end of Tet to 5 months, also to the Tet festival celebration, the monthly total of … Family and to her is one of the services in the food. She want to know, all three families are in school for cooking and your application from travel .panies and restaurants. Family son the last time she almost closed calendar clients place food. Many to be the booking, especially if you want to enjoy the dry buffalo meat, notice must be at least 3 days. Legs to keep visitors, Ten people from many changes in lifestyle, especially in terms of sanitation. Into the radiation, clean. Chu?ng camp is built separately, animals do not drop in the hollow. The area has toilets closed. Thai people have known for a variety of flowers, trees to decorate the house for your floor. Perhaps because of this, tourists to the Ten a day more. Ba and want to preserve, since the guest, the always really clean up, including the tourist do not have the awareness to keep clean and beautiful for both of them. Exploiting tourism from cultural ethnic specialty It is the opinion of Mr. Nguyen Dang Quang, Vice Director of Department of Culture – Sports and Travel, Dien Bien, when talking about the model of tourist culture in the province. Mr Quang said that the most important one is improving and people are aware of the people, guiding them to exploit the tourism services from the definition of the unique culture and character that it will help they have a job living next to stable and growing rice breeding. However to do this, should have a long-term plan. First, in the cultural tourism, Mr Quang said that, it should encourage people making the products featured attractions of the nation as brocade, ethnic clothing, child away, sent, . Thai marble, silver, copper, some kind of special … After this, the guidelines of the training on business travel, to serve the guests eat, stay at home. Mr Quang said, .ing, will try to organize classroom teaching singing folk songs, and invite "children" of multiple songs to teach the youth, would amount to use some kind of ethnic clothing specialty , and take some family tourism as the learning experience in Sa Pa (Lao Cai) or Lac (Mai Chau, Hoa Binh). Exploiting some festivals Think of popular beliefs in the Crop of the ceremony, the ceremony summer, burned nuong … for tourism is also an ability to attract good customers. Mr Quang said the formalities of the celebration of the Thai people are very interesting things. In the Ten, when perhaps the Crop (around 4-5 months of the calendar fields), from many places to see large crowds. Currently, the model of tourist culture in Dien Bien, typically the Ten attractive guests mainly by the original profile, were not .mercial goods. Many times, owners and guests happy, the music is ready to perform without remuneration. It is rarely found in other places. It is important, how to create revenue stability from tourism but still keep the original this. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: