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Dingbian Shaanxi agricultural firms suspected to build luxury office buildings in accordance with the provisions of the Sohu – reply: Sun News News recently, this newspaper published the Dingbian agricultural firm comprehensive service building luxury and other issues, then, the reporter in-depth investigation was informed that in 2011, due to the north and South Street in Dingbian County Gulou widening to Dingbian agricultural firms the original building demolition of all headquarters authorities moved into the Chengguan Branch Office under the jurisdiction of the transition. Dingbian agricultural firms called integrated services building was built for, with the permission of the higher authorities and local government approval, filing and building construction, planning and reasonable design. Agricultural firms: in response to the government after the demolition of the office space without Dingbian agricultural firm office staff told reporters that the commercial bank restructuring in June 2011 by Dingbian Dingbian County Credit Union set up, is a fully market-oriented joint-stock bank enterprise, accept credit cooperatives industry in Shaanxi Province, the national banking supervision department management. Agricultural firms currently employs more than and 400 people, with headquarters in more than and 20 departments. In March 2011, due to the transformation of the need to expand the north and South Street in Dingbian County Gulou, Dingbian agricultural firm the original building demolished, the headquarters moved into the Chengguan Branch Office under the jurisdiction of the transition, workplace tension, a number of departments of peripherals, greatly affected the play headquarters management functions. In order to solve the problem of the headquarters office report, Dingbian agricultural firms many times to the Shaanxi Provincial Association of Dingbian county government, after Dingbian county government to agricultural firms listing the county in the northwest corner of 10 acres of land, by the Shaanxi Provincial Association to build office buildings. The new office building of geographical distance, the agricultural firm board of directors, the shareholders’ meeting decided to build a comprehensive service building in Dingbian agricultural firms, and by the higher authorities and the local government in the process of building permits, did not have to change the planning problem. Office: austerity cost reduction to meet the requirements the reporter learned that the new agricultural firm Dingbian Integrated Services Building 1 to 5 floor office area, construction investment by agricultural firms; 6 to 30 layers of staff apartment, by the voluntary investment and construction, construction area of land according to the apportionment of expenses. Currently, the construction of integrated service building is basically completed, the completion of the separation of property rights units and individuals, certificates have been handled to households, the completion of the new integrated services building to meet the needs of management and service. As for Dingbian agricultural firms spend huge sums of money to build the comprehensive service building, the Provincial Association of Yulin office staff explained that, in the construction of the building, building in line with the principles of austerity, the actual construction cost has been reduced, the actual construction project to save 16 million 837 thousand and 100 yuan renovation project; the actual savings of 4 million 420 thousand yuan, a total investment of twenty million yuan to save many. In addition, the building includes a business district, other office areas are hanging stone, no ceiling, metope white, completely in the provisions of the Shaanxi provincial association request within.相关的主题文章: