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Do not buy the Japanese Department of the German Department of the SUV after the listing does not buy regret SUV just a model of the breakdown of the car, why become today’s headlines to talk about the content? The reason is very simple, because it is more and more attention, selling better and better, especially in the Chinese market. According to the latest data show that 1-9 months, the national SUV sales reached 5 million 999 thousand and 200, an increase of 45.91%, while car sales, although up to 8 million 441 thousand and 200, but an increase of only 2.70%. It can be said, SUV is currently the most popular models in the Chinese market, but also the fastest growing models, which also further stimulate the increase in the price of the car companies in the field of SUV models. The Volkswagen Group Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi three brands, we are very familiar with the three brands of domestic consumers, is also very love, the following article SUV strategy we have to talk about these three brands. Brothers or when warm male contrast Skoda Yeti SUV Skoda Nissan Qashqai brand strategy from the beginning of 2013, Skoda has gradually accelerated in the launch of new products China market, last year is completed (ginseng, Jingrui pictures, inquiry), supipes (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) replacement, and launched brand new Slogan. With sales promotion, Skoda will also launch more new products in the China market, only in the domestic planning SUV CUV up to three, gradually expanded in the SUV market segment product layout. 2016 Yeti the last re positioning of listed Yeti is the Skoda SUV strategy is the most important step. The small SUV market Yeti targeting in recent years hot, further down the SUV market segment. In the price level, Yeti positioning in the range of 13-18 million, with the market with the same level of product has a very large intersection. And it is a high level of products, access threshold should be 18-20 million, compared to the price of Yeti is still high. And this year, in order to make up the blank of the Skoda brand in the large SUV market, the upcoming Guangzhou Auto Show (micro-blog) unveiled the first intermediate SUV Kodiaq models, will become Skoda in the China market after Yeti second SUV, use the SUV models, Skoda will not only further improve the domestic SUV Market. The layout, to achieve seamless SUV from small to intermediate SUV market, to further meet consumer demand to upgrade. So, what is the strength of Skoda Kodiaq, can in the fierce market competition in the future Zhandexianji? The first medium-sized domestic SUV Skoda Kodiaq Guangzhou Auto Show debut since we talked about in front of the Skoda SUV strategy, so we have to say Skoda is very important to a car, it is Skoda’s first intermediate SUV model Kodiaq. Skoda Kodiaq began to meet with us or the Geneva motor show in March 2016, at that time it was a concept car stage, there is no Kodiaq this brave name, but called VISION S. After six months of the concept car debut相关的主题文章: