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No joke to buy these high baozhilv vehicles can make you less loss of tens of thousands of car – Sohu beast recently a few articles about the second-hand car articles, feedback from background comments, many of my friends have expressed interest in the second-hand car, while the two is closely related with the second-hand car problems, one is the condition, the other is the price. Speaking of price, and increasing the rate of the car are inseparable, this article, called the beast and together see what cars hedge ratio is relatively high. After understanding the problem, I believe we can choose the future of second-hand car or buy a new car can bring some reference value. Given the large (C level) as well as large (D class) car due to higher prices, the reasons for this article is not much presentation, this market is nothing more than Mercedes Benz BMW Audi three dominate. Today, we focus on the non luxury car hedge ratio, after all, this is the main domestic market. The following is the Beast online collected from the micro car to car hedge ratio data for reference only, specific to the actual situation still prevail. A00 is the mini car market from the beginning of last few years gradually atrophic, one is all cognitive and requirements of the vehicle has been greatly improved (safety performance, dynamic performance and so on), on the other hand it is due to the improvement of the economic level. No money is empty, so we try to move bricks. Currently on the market mainly several mini car is Changhe SUZUKI Big Dipper, Lechi and we often speak Alto, 4, 50 thousand cars, to travel well, on increasing the rate of meaningful, simple understanding is good. A0 (small car) has replaced the A00 level as most new entry, the price of about 80 thousand, has been able to buy a very good car. As can be seen from the figure, the hedge rate is located in the first few are often seen on the road models. TOYOTA Vios as entry models, while driving up almost no too much fun, but also retains the TOYOTA’s economic and durable, such performance is very suitable for entry vehicle, increasing the rate is also reasonable. POLO, a very classic Volkswagen car, cute shape, won the favor of the sisters, in the public brand aura, has been the level of star models. In addition to the small space, there are not too many slot point. Compared with the previous two, the fit is the most recommended animal models. A large space, strong power (compared to the same level) also have enough fuel, manipulation of fun, in addition to the engine noise at this level is almost fit "invincible hand" models. In fact, the company called the beast several old driver of the car is flying. To everyone’s most concerned about the compact car, the first few were God car Volkswagen full occupation, had to admire the public’s influence in China, of course, the premium capacity. Can be said to be fully deserve the golf hatchback benchmarking, Golf GTI has also been called the beast’s heart of love; as for the other, can also be seen from the new car sales list, almost have occupied the top terrorist, Lavida is yiyanbuge a month sold more than 40 thousand units. I would like to focus on!相关的主题文章: