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Do you know what wrinkles are on your face? Sohu face wrinkles, particularly annoying how to do? With what method dispel? You do not know, in fact, different wrinkles have different treatment methods do you know what kind of wrinkles you long? 99% people do not know oh well read the article You’ll see. you how people get rid of wrinkles wrinkles on the face of the dynamic and static pattern pattern drops, wrinkles the different treatment methods are different, but many people don’t know what his face is a long wrinkles, the how to the treatment? What is dynamic wrinkles? If you do not face wrinkles, facial expressions, eye and mouth, eyebrows will appear wrinkles, which is also known as dynamic wrinkles and false wrinkles. What is static wrinkles? If you have no facial expression, you can still see the clear lines, which is static wrinkles. Be sure your wrinkles have been formed for a long time, and has become a true wrinkles. How to identify dynamic wrinkles and static wrinkles? Wash the face, in the face in a moist state, in front of the mirror to relax the skin, the first look at the surface of the skin without expression, and then do a series of joy, anger, sadness, joy expression. Static wrinkles wrinkles wrinkles, make the dynamic expression, do not face some wrinkles appear dynamic wrinkles age groups: 25~35 years old group skin characteristics: eye, mouth around short thin stripes. The reasons for the formation of: light aging, habitual expression, dry skin, work pressure, irregular life, lack of sleep, excessive weight loss, light aging is the biggest killer of false wrinkles. Ultraviolet radiation makes the skin dry, forming a small fracture, reflected in the face is that a small wrinkles. How to resist dynamic wrinkles? 1 get rid of bad habits: any expression more may form expression lines, of which the most representative are the following: the glabella — face greater pressure or thinking inside and outside corner of the eye fine lines horizontal frown — habit squinted at the end of eye wrinkles things — laugh often — often the amount of grain brow lift or staring eyes — often sad or wrinkles lip lip lines — often smoke 2 no longer continuous stay up late at night is the enemy of the skin, make the skin with unimaginable speed of aging, therefore stays up late continuously time can not exceed two days. 3 pay attention to sun protection measures to do a good job, completely put an end to the aging of ultraviolet rays. Pay attention to the sun. Especially in the hot sun, wearing sunglasses or sun hat. 4 promote circulation and massage because of poor blood circulation caused by the "internal" and the old cuticle and other reasons the "external" two effects will make the skin loses luster and wrinkles, to strengthen and promote skin metabolism of skin care products, in order to make lusterless skin glow healthy skin. Morning and evening with make-up water pat face, replenishment of the skin at the same time"相关的主题文章: