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Dongguan man after smashing armored car was killed continued: a supercargo investigation was the scene of security personnel is the man with the gun shot. Original title: Dongguan men chase smashed armored car was killed continued: a supercargo investigation Beijing News News (reporter Wang Yu) Changan town of Dongguan City, a man was hit after the armored car was shot and killed a new progress. The afternoon of October 28th, Changan town government informed that the suspects escort personnel investigation. The Beijing News reported earlier, October 27th at 12 pm, near the city of Dongguan, Changan Wu Sha Ring Road, a man was hit by chasing Yakuan car guards shot, after the treatment died. The same day, Changan town government reported the matter said, Yakuan car executive escort mission by three road near the intersection of usha Xing, Huang man (Jiangxi) after smashing vehicles, car guards repeatedly discouraged invalid, shot lead to the injured. Someone Yakuan car belongs to Dongguan City Junan escort limited release note said, yayunyuan warnings in several crisis, the use of anti riot guns (rubber bullets) fired warning shots, the man shot and fell to the ground, the scene died. 28, 6 pm, Changan town government again informed that after the incident, the public security organs have been involved in the escort beam mouming (male, 30 years old, Yunfu people) to initiate an investigation, the relevant circumstances will be found in a timely manner to the public. Earlier reports: just happened! Suspected to hit the car, Dongguan man was shot and killed!! Today (October 27th) at noon, with emergency cases occurred in Dongguan Changan Wu Sha Ring Road, a man died in an armored car. According to a number of shops along the street and the witnesses, before the incident, the man was from usha Cai Wu industrial zone with a brick arch, chased securicar continuous smashed cars, chase a few hundred meters after the man was shot and killed a banknote security. At present, the police have cordoned off the scene, is visiting the scene investigation, the specific cause is still under investigation.相关的主题文章: