Double chin bye knows that a step away from the face

Double chin bye know this from face a step closer to lead: many woman all want to face, but the face is not you want to have to have, is the first to solve the problem of double chin. If you do not have a double chin, how do not look good, how can we say goodbye to the double chin? (source: female beauty network) double chin bye know this from a step closer to face a double chin is not fat people, some people are thin, but still have a double chin, which is why? This is usually because of some bad habits cause, want to say goodbye to the double chin first look at these, again on the compact convergence with the essence of collocation pulling massage, let the jaw to the neck line tight look, say goodbye to the double chin. Why do you have a double chin? Expression of muscle weakness and facial expression muscle, stimulating facial muscles, so that we can show a variety of free expression. If the face is usually expressionless, facial muscles use too little, the muscles may degenerate sagging, there will be a double jaw problem. Usually laugh or exaggerated expression, can stimulate the expression of muscle, prevent muscle recession, to avoid sagging skin double chin. So sister when the tip of the iceberg beauty yo. Chew the number of meals must be carefully chewed, not only good for the body, but also allows the muscles to wait until the exercise. Some people think that chewing too much chewing muscles become larger, the face is also large, but the number of times the use of chewing muscles can not be too small, because the chin muscles will be relaxed, double chin will appear, not good-looking. The posture is not correct the class or work sit will feel tired, imperceptibly arched back, hunchbacked chin or sleep pillow is too high, these bad habits will not only make you feel pain so simple, but also cause a double chin. Because of bad posture prone to bone displacement, fat is easy to accumulate in those gaps, and then came to you on the chin. So, usually sitting to the chest and abdomen can also sit down, back straight upward, the head is straight up, face down, hold for 5 seconds, repeat 5 times, exercise can reduce the double chin, mouth closed collocation exercise, exercise can reduce jaw muscles, double chin. Compact face cream coated other face cream coated compact, then massage the neck line collocation, make change compaction, farewell double chin. 1. Lymphatic drainage and edema. Three fingers close together, from the forehead to the ear with the direction. 2. Direction from inside to outside. Then from the nose to the ears, ears with muscle to smile again. 3. Three fingers close together, from the earlobe to the neck and clavicle direction of drainage, driven by lower jaw, neck muscles line cycle. 4. Use the following two thumb Pakistan as the center, along the jaw line from inside to outside a 30 degree angle to pull. With a massage stick or index finger, from the chin up to the face can also use a massage stick or index finger, from the chin up to the face, and then from the nose to the cheekbone massage, each time to do two groups of massage on the almost. Take care, plus massage, and remember to get rid of bad habits, can let you from the dream face a step closer!相关的主题文章: