Electric horse subway station Chengdu will be soliciting chaos; rectification of the three mon jiuyaogan

Electric horse subway station   Chengdu will be soliciting chaos; rectification of the three months, Sichuan channel — people.com.cn original title: horse power subway station in Chengdu will be soliciting chaos special rectification of the three months the National Day holiday seventh days, presumably a lot of careful people found near the Chengdu subway station clean a lot. Sell sweet potatoes, roasted corn cart disappeared, passengers just out of station power horse rush on like a swarm of hornets not at, the ground is not discarded food packaging bags, over Soybean Milk. 10 June 6, WCC reporter from the city management committee was informed that the city has started the subway station environmental remediation special action, focus on remediation of the subway business gathering, vehicle Luantingluanfang, non motor vehicles and motor vehicle illegal soliciting illegal operations such as chaos. Remediation time is 3 months, will continue until the end of this year. Joint regulation prohibits the electric horse soliciting soliciting, "subway is the window of the city image, we hope to achieve the short-term subway sanitation, appearance, order management level ‘three ascension’." Chengdu City Administration Committee of the relevant person in charge, now to the end of this year, Chengdu will use 3 months time, concentrated rectification carried out the subway station bus station, the station of the surrounding environment. It is reported that the main contents of governance in order to strengthen the cleaning, strengthen the white trash pickup collector; fully clean up graffiti writing, chaotic post, chaos rope hanging device, advertising signs affect the city chaos; regulation of mobile vendors, set up their stalls, hair card leaflets, vehicle parking chaos, the illegal operation of vehicles, electric (machine) two (three) wheel car soliciting illegal gathering and other illegal acts. In the special rectification, the city management committee led the remediation of environmental health, liquidity traders, advertising signs; the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau led regulation vehicle parking chaos (three), two wheel electric (machine) moving motorcycle soliciting; Chengdu Metro Company and the main responsibility for the implementation of "in front of three" responsibility system, strengthen the station environment the station, strengthen the persuasion and suppression of chaos. The district government is the main responsibility for environmental remediation of the subway station. Currently, the district (city) county and municipal departments (units) is to carry out the investigation of the subway station, by combing existing chaos, establish corrective ledger be arranged, making practical control scheme. Special inspection included in the annual assessment of how to ensure the treatment effect? The reporter learned that, according to the special action plan, each station will be responsible for special posts, in accordance with the requirements of "one station a" territorial responsibility, urban management departments should clear responsibility, ensure remediation standards. If the implementation of the work is not in place, it will be strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions to inform criticism and accountability. In addition to territorial management, department supervision, Skynet system will also be used for monitoring. In October 6th, West China City Daily reporter in Chengdu City Management Committee law enforcement corps video surveillance command center to see, the subway around the situation in the camera’s rotation is very clear. "Nearly 100 subway stations in Chengdu, almost every entrance has Skynet camera, we are using this to carry on 360 degrees of all-round monitoring."." Chengdu City Management Committee law enforcement corps responsible person, the function of the center, mainly through the network) 电马儿地铁站口乱拉客 成都将专项整治三个月–四川频道–人民网 原标题:电马儿地铁站口乱拉客 成都将专项整治三个月   国庆大假第七天,想必不少细心的市民发现,成都地铁站口附近干净整洁了不少。卖红薯、烤玉米的小推车不见了,乘客刚出站就蜂拥而上的电马儿不在了,地面上也没有了丢弃的食品包装袋、打翻的豆浆。   10月6日,华西都市报记者从成都市城管委获悉,成都市已开始地铁站口环境整治专项行动,集中整治地铁口游商聚集、车辆乱停乱放、非机动车违法拉客、机动车非法营运等乱象。整治时间为3个月,将持续到今年年底。   联合整治禁止电马儿聚集拉客   “地铁是城市形象的窗口,我们希望在短期内实现地铁口环卫、容貌、秩序管理水平‘三个提升’。”成都市城管委相关负责人介绍,即日起到今年底,成都将用3个月时间,集中开展地铁站口公交车站、场站周边环境的专项整治。   据悉,主要治理内容为加强清扫保洁,加强白色垃圾捡拾收集清运;全面清理乱涂写、乱张贴、乱牵绳挂物、乱设广告招牌等影响市容乱象;整治流动摊贩、摆摊设点、乱发卡片传单、车辆乱停放、机动车非法营运、电(机)动两(三)轮车非法聚集拉客等违法违规行为。   在专项整治中,市城管委牵头整治环境卫生、流动商贩、广告招牌等;市交管局牵头整治车辆乱停放、两(三)轮电(机)动摩托车乱拉客等;成都地铁公司落实主体责任和“门前三包”责任制,加强站内环境整治,强化站口乱象的劝导和制止。   各相关区县政府则是地铁站口环境整治的责任主体。目前,各区(市)县和市级部门(单位)正在对地铁站口开展排查,逐一梳理存在乱象,分门别类建立问题整改台账,制定切实可行的整治方案。   专人督查计入年度目标考核   如何保证治理效果?记者了解到,按照专项行动的方案,每个地铁站都会有专人专岗负责,按照“一站一责”的责任要求,属地城管部门要明确责任人,确保达到整治标准。若工作落实不到位,将严格按照相关规定予以通报批评和问责。   除了属地管理、部门监管外,还将运用天网系统进行监控。10月6日,华西都市报记者在成都市城管委执法总队视频监控指挥中心看到,地铁口周围的情况在摄像头的转动下看得十分清晰。   “成都一共近百个地铁站,几乎每个出入口都有天网摄像头,我们就是借助这个来进行360度全方位监控的。”成都市城管委执法总队相关负责人介绍,这个中心的职能,主要是通过网络来进行检查监督考核。   记者了解到,通过天网摄像头监控到的问题,将自动记录在系统中进行自动扣分,同时将发现的问题、整改的时限和效果设为扣分标准。“一般来说,我们通知后15分钟内,到现场进行处理,扣分会少一半。”这项结果会成为日常考核成绩计入月考核,最终纳入到年度对区(市)县政府的专项目标考核中,实行效能问责。   华西都市报记者谢燃岸 (责编:罗娟、高红霞)相关的主题文章: