Electricity supplier in the era of wireless marketing needs to move the right time and the scene to tom365.com

Business marketing for wireless era dynamic appropriate time and scene connected to the user (Figure) – Sohu financial Beijing Beijing in August 25,   sponsored by the Alibaba’s marketing platform Ali mother 2016 "smart marketing Chinese" series of activities for 25 days in Beijing curtain. Now, the key is to seize the consumer needs of real-time electricity supplier marketing, static to dynamic, the use of big data technology and time from the consumer’s point of view, change from the past rough traffic operation as accurate consumer online operations, according to user attributes, population characteristics, behavior of scene fine marketing." Ali mother electricity supplier responsible person said. As we all know, the arrival of the era of the Internet, the rapid mobile Internet is both an opportunity and a challenge for marketing. The opportunity is obvious, the user at any time and place, the network life time is more and more long; the challenge is the user behavior is very "jumps", the entrance is too many broken, the use frequency is more and more, but the time is very unstable. At present, consumers in the mobile terminal shopping state presents obvious characteristic of the content and experience of the crowd, and accurate buyers can enhance the shopping experience, the businesses put forward in the crowd real-time precise marketing of higher requirements. With the synergistic effect of the platform provides a strong foundation for the ecological population fine marketing, Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong believes that now the synergistic effect of Ali digital media matrix and retail platform has begun to appear and play. Through the retail platform and media matrix function on the unified user identity, Ali can be used as the only global media exposure opportunities into sales platform, the one and only brings value to brands and customers. Since May of this year symposium, Ali mother began to promote popularity of smart marketing technology in exhibition marketing and search marketing, promote the development of intelligent marketing industry with intelligent algorithms and techniques. At the same time, enabling businesses, for businesses from the previous static waiting dynamic marketing to actively take the initiative to attack, connecting users in the most appropriate time and scene, and user interaction, and ultimately by consumers. Thanks to the Alibaba group’s core commercial consumption data and rich media matrix for the first time, Ali mother combined with unique optimal fusion and automatic orientation model of real-time feedback in the industry, to create a new version of "wisdom diamond diamond booth". Help businesses from the past, people find information to the information and people automatically match the smart era of change.相关的主题文章: