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[eleven] the food stalls in the city – Sohu and taste my taste buds your vision – – – – – the land | city taste in the mouth with the delicacy in the growth path of someone said, the pulse of the city will focus on certain things on the beat. A street, a memorial hall, through the city and the river, or is a very unique local flavor! Such as Beijing, Ningxia, Chaozhou Roasted Duck Tan beef…… This is not the only one! The taste of the city can best show the character of the city. Xiamen Binhai, rich in seafood, eat a meal in the seafood stalls with local characteristics of the dishes is also close to Xiamen once. When it comes to stall, a shop can recommend. This is a latifundio lufa delicacy, opened since 92 years has experienced 20 years old time-honored. Old Xiamen is more or less aware of her. She is located in Hai Tian Road construction across the parking lot, single business, vision is extremely convenient, in the land of today is indeed a nouveau riche domineering. Area of flat, seating nearly 1000, while there are 25 rooms. The main business with seafood, Fujian Guangdong cuisine, Fujian dishes approach followed stall rustic style, not too much carved with deliberately, the taste. At the same time both Guangdong refreshments, snacks and buffet. A good restaurant, always should not adhere to, taste open, so as to meet the needs of the guests more diverse! The "Honey bun", "black pepper oysters?", "Braised Goose Webs in Abalone Sauce" specialty is highly acclaimed. Lu made the door opposite is a huge pool of seafood, is behind the row of the kitchen, Guangdong Tea divided a few stalls, the lobby area divided into a display and sale as snacks, the lobby, rooms on the left. Through the glass at the chef busy, in front of the hall and the shuttle service to rub shoulders…… 20 years of great changes in the SAR, it seems that here is a microcosm of the bustling, not hidden. The old clam soup, dried meat floss roll, Jiang Muya, eight, Glutinous oil rice boiled seafood, these dishes are particularly in Xiamen! The delicious food is very personal, no specific criteria, I love your oyster noodles, fanciful spicy soup, I love you love sweet and sour bamboo shoots e., greasy Soybean Milk, are taste preferences, with obvious growth trajectory. For a poly, is likely to eat a delicacy, eat a restaurant, eat a story or eat a person, not a simple desire, is more comfort and emotional sustenance. These familiar dishes can always bring you! In my eyes the form is more than the essence of the lobster, in the form of fresh salad. Not only taste fresh, lobster meat is also worthy of praise. Black pepper oysters this dish in the restaurant or the higher the rate is high. Still have their lufa competition, oysters is large enough, rich enough. Eat enough to meet! Choking winter crab, simple taste. In this autumn day, is a good season! The steamed fish, crisp! Curry boss fish, in the taste of the integration to do a little innovation, mixed with a meal, but also the United States and the United states! Every time to feel her in the atmosphere, lufa, there are different people in one "相关的主题文章: