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Expert: air purifier must check the quality CADR value — Shandong channel — with improved quality of life, increased demand for air purifiers. Some air purifier called the formaldehyde removal of up to 99.9%. In this regard, Chongqing Consumer Protection Committee recently issued a test report, the quality of the air purifier directly, the key will have to see the value of CADR. The comparative test of Chongqing City Council recently on the market for 15 brands of air purifiers, including 6 domestic brands, foreign brands 9. The results show that the test samples are in conformity with the CADR (clean air) nominal value, air purification efficiency of all achieve high level. Chongqing City Council said that domestic air purifier products currently on the market some uneven in quality, according to the national standard CADR particles given value, but with the removal of this parameter, and that in addition to formaldehyde removal of up to 99.9%. Detection experts pointed out that "factors affecting the removal rate by the experimental space and time, hard to actual product purification ability, only manufacturing businesses gimmick. The air purifier which strong? The key will have to see the value of CADR. According to reports, this comparison test by the Chongqing City Council commissioned the inspection center of Guangzhou industrial microbial detection, fully in accordance with the new national standard GB t18801-2015 related testing standards and requirements, in 30 cubic meters test cabin. (commissioning editor Zheng Puli and Hu Honglin)

专家:空气净化器优劣须查看CADR值–山东频道–人民网 随着人们生活质量的提高,对空气净化器的需求增加。一些空气净化器称其甲醛“去除率”高达99.9%。对此,重庆市消费者权益保护委员会近日发布试验报告称,空气净化器的质量优劣,关键还得看CADR值。 重庆市消委会近日对市场上15个品牌的空气净化器进行了比较试验,包括6家国产品牌,9家国外品牌。其结果显示,试验样品全部符合CADR(洁净空气量)标称值,空气净化效能全部达到高效级。 重庆市消委会提醒说,目前市场上家用空气净化器产品良莠不齐,有的未按国家标准给出颗粒物CADR值,而是采用“去除率”这一参数,并称除甲醛“去除率”高达99.9%。 检测专家指出,“去除率”受实验空间、时间等因素的影响,难以反应产品真实净化能力,只是商家制造的噱头。空气净化器哪家强?关键还得看CADR值。 据介绍,本次比较试验由重庆市消委会委托广州工业微生物检测中心检测,完全按照新国标GB t18801-2015相关检测标准和要求,在30立方米试验舱内进行。 (责编:郑浦丽、胡洪林)相关的主题文章: