Expert China’s new energy allowance is 9 times the United States – Sohu car ddrtys

Experts: new energy subsidies China is 9 times the United States Sohu automobile in September 28th, sixth new energy vehicles, power battery and its key materials summit in Quzhou National Development Zone (National High-tech Zone) held. New energy vehicles after the accident, to maintain the sustainable development of new energy vehicles become the primary issue. China Tech (12.180, -0.06, -0.49%) of industrial technology, vice chairman Ji Hengkuan said at the meeting: "the State Council on the 2025" China manufacturing plan "will energy-saving and new energy vehicles as key development areas, clear the new energy vehicles as the year 2016 the first batch of pilot projects. How to better cope with the industrialization and commercialization of electric vehicles, new energy enterprises power battery industry market environment changes, and continue to promote the development of related industries to become a new topic." It is reported that in September 8th, the Ministry of Finance issued a report, said the special inspection on the 90 major new energy automobile enterprises, involving a total of 2013 to 2015 has been informed and declared the central subsidies for new energy vehicles 401 thousand, listed five companies as a typical case of the expenses, involving the amount of 1 billion 10 million yuan subsidy. There are two main types of new energy vehicles fraud: one is the direct sales of counterfeit; the other is the hidden Arbitrage (two). A professor at the Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in the left Chinese estimates, the average new energy vehicles subsidy 115 thousand yuan, equivalent to $18 thousand and 600, the United States of California from March 2010 to June 2016 the average tax rebate of $2 thousand and 100 of new energy vehicles, Chinese of the new energy vehicles subsidy strength is 9 times that of the United states. As China’s new energy vehicle subsidy policy has Pratt & Whitney, but also brought a series of problems. In 28, the Ministry of information industry and the international economic and technical cooperation center of global energy resources and environment institute assistant, Dr. white? Said: "the high subsidies, and subsidies inclusive brings about three problems: one is the enterprise development is not enough; two industry overcapacity; three is crudely made products." White, said: China’s new energy automotive industry policy should not only be based on the degree of environmental protection enterprises or products to give subsidies, but also to strengthen the support of R & d." Where have increased the layout of the new energy industry, the main layout direction: one is in the development of new energy vehicles, power battery and its key materials industry; two is through joint ventures, and other ways to encourage enterprises to carry out international cooperation. Quzhou mayor Du Shiyuan said: "the future will increase the technological transformation of enterprises, technological innovation to promote industrial clusters continuously upgrade, adhere to high-end development, strict implementation of project decision-making consultation service mechanism, promote the industry chain and value chain and application in the field of high-end to high threshold, adhere to the combination, guide and encourage enterprise docking multi-level capital market." (Editor: Xiao misty)相关的主题文章: