Expert Chinese have left some three most probably it did not actually happen to Japan and South Kore windjview

Expert: China of Japan and South Korea three countries have been drifting away some most probably it did not actually happen recently, quite some discord between Japan and South Korea, the Japanese want to borrow the machine Duthel Te to win over Philippines, South Korea insisted on the deployment of sade…… Japan and South Korea these moves quite let those who want to improve the relationship between China and Japan and South Korea relations of people puzzled: why do we release the goodwill signal you turn a blind eye? Why the efforts of our half believe and half doubt you? In fact, in the process of communication and cooperation between China and Japan or South Korea and Japan and South Korea, some people have some idea of our First impressions are strongest, the direction of the country, national character, national character, democratic architecture has more or less understanding deviation. In other words, when there is more communication difficulties, obstacles in the cooperation between Japan and South Korea, the more we can not just based on their understanding of Japan and South Korea and should face the most probably it did not actually happen, objective differences between Japan and South Korea. One is Japan and South Korea seemingly the same but far away. For a long time, whether government or academia, we have been from the geographical, historical and cultural perspective, focusing on geographical proximity, social connections between Japan and South Korea, the fate of love, is similar to our light circle national character, national character and culture influence the understanding of cover ideal, the formation of the same day China and South Korea, the same illusion. In fact, Japan and South Korea in modern times especially after the World War II, rooted in the Western camp, the introduction of Western democracy, the pursuit of cultural diversity, focus on real interests, both in Europe and the United States has already formed the concepts and elements of the national character, national culture and the development of reality. South Korea and the US in many ways is a miraculous. The two difference is among the national character. For a long time, based on the traditional Confucian, we always hope that the coordination on major foreign interests and can choose between the three countries, make the opposite way and is conducive to the integration of East Asia, but ignore the three in the national and the coordination mechanism of different. With the Chinese pursuit of regional development and prosperity of the strategic pattern, Japan and South Korea more subject to national, Japan and South Korea in the post-war national culture change, the gene has a more European and American national character and multiple elements. The three is the outlook for economic development in Japan and South Korea judged there are significant differences. Japan’s recent economic downturn did not disperse, the vulnerability of the South Korean economy here, we think that Japan is most probably it did not actually happen in the sunset, South Korea created a trade of little importance, for Japan and South Korea from overlooking even a contemptuous disregard. In fact, the world’s top 100 innovative enterprises in the rankings, Japan surpassed the United States ranked first in Asia, only Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. In the world’s 100 most valuable brands list, Japan and South Korea were listed in the name of the 6 and the second, China is only a small home of the world’s top 2 brands. Now, although out of the white goods companies from Japan and South Korea and other areas, but they still control the upstream core components of the "blue ocean" advantage, innovation in the field of environmental protection, health, new energy, new materials ready is still worthy of our learning, several times the supply side reform are still worth learning. Never again to Japan’s "lost twenty years" and "comfort" of South Korea not worth mentioning himself, it will let us in the future lost in their misjudgment on. From the construction of Asia Pacific Free Trade Zone pattern, deepen FTA)相关的主题文章: