Exploring the Qinghai Lake elite race to do their own Explorer with GITI aquaria

Exploring the Qinghai Lake elite competition in Xining in August 2016 29, do their own explorers — tired of city and bustle impetuous Giti, road congestion erodes all enthusiasm, with cement forest airtight, as Giti and Giti went to the beautiful Qinghai Lake, the shuttle in various dangerous terrain, feel the plateau exploration speed and passion. As the world’s leading tire companies, Giti recently sponsored the first China tire Qinghai Lake plateau cross-country elite match. This competition, Gobi plateau and the desert road to the terrain, the average elevation of 3000 meters, the highest average elevation of the calendar in the substation which is China automobile cross country championships. Giti tire as partners of the event, the scene not only brings a full range of off-road tires, organized on site activities, but also ad hoc Giti service stations to provide professional tire service drivers, and invited the Giti tire team captain Huang Weizhi and fans to share the scene drivers, driving experience, transfer "with Giti to explore the spirit of the brand to the owners, experience the charm of the common driving limit. Qinghai Lake plateau cross-country classic half water half of the flame game site, Giti bring its driving control of SUV880, HT152, AT100 and cross-country cross-country cross-country race, "kings" – King of the mountain, desert, Snow King King SUV products reload debut, showcase the brand and product strength to site owners. The Giti off-road star product AT100 also as before the official Campbell road tires, LED digital organizers and media friends, for different local bad road conditions, with its high grip and high stability was unanimously approved. The scene, according to Giti tire product planning department senior manager Mr. Peng Yonghong said, "Giti tire has a complete product line of off-road tires, from SUV to HT, AT, MT, and even cross-country race, have high-quality tire products to meet the needs of different owners of the various types of off-road driving demand, lead us to navigate the city, highway, muddy different road and stadium road. This came to the Qinghai Lake, also hope and all the drivers, the fans start a wonderful journey of exploration, which is Giti has always been the pursuit of the spirit of the brand." Qinghai Lake plateau cross-country classic Giti tire tire camp Giti team captain Huang Weizhi also went to the site, leading the challenge group and professional group team officially launched the departure ceremony. At the same time, as Chinese led the team to include cross-country race Jieshou Grand Slam team captain, rich experience with their years of yellow captain and illustrious military exploits, brought a "full dry cargo" experience sharing for drivers, provides many practical driving skills and related knowledge of tire selection, maintenance and repair for embark on the journey to challenge members. Sharing the meeting, Huang Weizhi said, "in the past dozens of years in the course of the game, Giti tire has been a solid backing he and the team with the most powerful. Especially in the cross-country race, because the road is full of unknown challenges, harsh environment is a great test of the tire. Giti tire performance consistently stable, excellent, in order to ensure that drivers give full play to its own strength, and constantly challenge themselves, get a champion tire相关的主题文章: