Express delivery staff! Jingdong unmanned vehicle delivery next large-scale commercial tonya mitchell

Express delivery staff! Jingdong unmanned vehicle delivery next year large-scale commercial original title: grab courier jobs! No Jingdong car delivery trial operation in October next year, the Jingdong to engage in large-scale commercial UAV delivery test, Alibaba board Ma said in June that "disdain, really want to do, still need time," said how should think more of the goods sent to mars. Ali logistics business rookie network CEO Tong Wenhong specifically pointed out that compared with UAVs, the future of unmanned vehicle distribution may be more realistic, UAV can only be used as a supplement. "The end of the future distribution, must be the courier service with the community’s convenient service network." Quicker than words can tell. September 1st, Jingdong group announced that its independent research and development of China’s first unmanned distribution vehicle has entered the road test phase, in October is about to start trial operation, in 2017 is expected to large-scale commercial. According to reports, unmanned vehicles traveling in non motorized vehicles, the use of power driven, can automatically avoid obstacles, real-time monitoring, location query to ensure the safety of unmanned vehicles and goods themselves. Jingdong is currently in the office, from mentioning cabinets, residential convenience stores, villas and other places to start testing, Jingdong provides a test picture, but refused to provide video, said the study is still confidential stage. Jingdong unmanned car unmanned vehicle size, length and width of 1 meters high, 0.8 meters, 0.6 meters. Unmanned vehicles can carry out autonomous path planning, to find the shortest path and avoid congested road. Meet the crossroads, you can identify the traffic lights to make the appropriate travel decisions. Specify the location of the Jingdong unmanned vehicle automatic driving to the target building, it will be through the Jingdong APP, mobile phone text messages and other ways to inform the user of receiving user input to the front; no one can open the warehouse delivery number, pick up your parcel. Talking about the original design, responsible for the president of Jingdong X wisdom logistics development division Xiao Jun said that the current China city logistics system relies heavily on human resources, especially the distance from the distribution station to the hands of the user, need a large number of delivery staff. Under the urban environment, office buildings, residential convenience stores and other orders centralized places, there is a relatively small batch of orders, but now often take up more time distribution staff, efficiency is not high enough. Alibaba is different, Jingdong self logistics, courier speed and quality are the ultimate pursuit. Logistics investment of burn, loss of 800 million yuan in 2016, Jingdong, there are a lot of investors questioned. Liu Qiangdong, chairman and chief executive officer of the board of directors of Jingdong in July in the CCTV dialogue column responded that the real money is the real investment in logistics. Now the largest investment in Jingdong is to buy land to build warehouses. Self built logistics center may invest billions of dollars a year, but these are the company’s assets, not burned. Jingdong, a senior told surging news, Jingdong do innovative business, not for innovation and innovation, are in order to service business. Jingdong driverless car Jingdong in 4 provinces to carry out UAV delivery test, has not yet been put into practical operation. Analysts pointed out that Jingdong in China’s first test UAV delivery, you can solve the problem of rural electricity supplier distribution last mile, you can also reduce operating costs. Now the first to do the city unmanned vehicle delivery test, in order to save labor costs. This is also the"相关的主题文章: