Family dajiefu cutting knife Former friends become enemies with each other. kill sister brother chop win7codecs

Family dajiefu cutting knife Former friends become enemies with each other. kill sister brother chopped 26 evening 9 pm, located in Shenyang District of Tiexi City, heavy street an old district murder occurred, the time of the incident, a middle-aged man in the house was the big brother with a knife stabbed, then the man ran downstairs alarm, etc. he returned home again when she found lying on the kitchen floor, covered with blood, dead. At this time, big brother has disappeared. Police will take away their eldest sister. According to insiders said, the door "Five blessings descend upon the house of couplets is the scene". Reporter noted that the police have been posted on the door two door seals, as well as two side with the blood of the rubber glove, flowerpot debris scattered on the ground, the corridor on the ground can clearly see. Next an uncle said, the night before 9 pm, in the room can be heard outside the brawl, sounds great, but not clear what specific things. "I didn’t dare open the door to see people, family conflicts, we were outsiders is not very good, I did not expect out of life." For his brother to kill sister woman died mysteriously cut by two floating reservoir neighbors: arguing alerted police said last evening that still haunt the neighbors. Wearing a red dress aunt said: "I was all ready to go to sleep, wake me up next door neighbor, said our area of human life." Another neighbor said the incident was surrounded by a cordon around the unit, outside the cordon packed onlookers neighbors, and online, the police continue to visit the scene to see the incident. "We found out that the man was dead." The aunt said that the accident has a more than and 90 year old mother, usually live with his youngest son. Two girls sometimes come to see my mother. That is the two daughter of the elderly were killed, many people can not believe. Little brother: after a dispute between the big brother dig the knife then, contact reporter was removed to the man injured in the incident, the man said that he was the baby at home, with a brother and two sisters. The sister is killed. He said the left arm cut is the big brother knifed, 8 stitches. Not only that, the big brother is still the man’s right arm bite. "This is not what I hurt, but my sister is too poor, a person to say no." The man was so excited that he said it was like a nightmare to recall what happened that night. The man said that at first he was not at home, is sister to call her back. After returning home, he was amazed at all, "my mother and my sister sister house, was taken away by the police, the big brother is holding a more than and 20 cm long knife." Next, the unexpected happened, the man said, 60 years old to dajiefu he flicks the knife. Two people in the hallway struggling together, the man was not dodge, dajiefu bite, an insider said, the big brother head was also injured. The man said, he took the opportunity to fight in the alarm went downstairs and stayed downstairs, about nearly 20 minutes, and when he returned home, she was covered in blood lying on the floor of the kitchen, the big brother disappeared. The police have been involved in the investigation of the case, the case of the eldest brother is a major suspect. The 27 day deadline, the latest news of the police, the suspects have been arrested.相关的主题文章: