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Farmers "at the field" – Politics – newspaper Ji’nan on 28 August,     (reporter Xu Jingeng, Pan Junqiang) after six months of inspection and acceptance, Shandong province land ownership registration certification activities of "looking back" recently ended, after the self-test self-examination, city and provincial level preliminary acceptance acceptance checks, all over Shandong once again confirmed the rural land ownership registration certification work procedures comply with the provisions of the state, the surveying and mapping results meet the accuracy requirements. As of the end of 2015, Shandong province’s 73910 farmland Village (community) to complete the land ownership registration certification work, accounting for 95.9% of the total; ownership of 88 million 156 thousand acres of arable land, accounting for 98.1% of the land area of the household contract. Shandong has basically completed the rural land ownership registration certification work, confirmation of farmers contracted land possession, use and income rights, allowing farmers to eat the "reassurance", a "safe field", "what kind of" there are more ways to solve. Shandong Dazhuang town of Yinan County, after Liang village many villagers said happily, land is the "lifeline", a government with red seal certificate, clearly marked with the location of the land, "four", to ease their heart. The registration of certification work for the good land ownership, Shandong uses innovative method of "graphic + measurement", the use of the land department to provide "the second national land survey" image annotation, according to original records provided by the village, each village community within the scope of the land down to the household. Check with each farmer, who have objections to the area on the drawing, and then measured, and adhere to the three list of publicity system, after publicity without objection, confirmed by the farmers’ representative signature. The combination of rural land ownership registration certification, Shandong also explore the effective forms of land ownership, contract rights and management rights "Three Rights Separation", activating the rural sleeping capital". At present, Shandong rural land circulation area of 24 million 718 thousand acres, accounting for the family contracted land area of 26.3%. "People’s Daily" (08 2016 29 August 02 Edition) (commissioning editor: Cao Kun)相关的主题文章: