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FAW Volkswagen for making SUV hidden behind the big secret – Sohu is a Volkswagen sedan consisting of the Kingdom, in the SUV under the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore is not moved, still. We know that the mass is only SUV, Volkswagen Tiguan, imported Volkswagen Touareg two. Among them, the Tiguan has already been Keweila ang dismount, God car aura has been pale color. For FAW Volkswagen, has not been able to have a SUV models. Moreover, since the CC market, but also no new models launched. What’s behind this? Actually is a cross border wagon called C-TREK! FAW Volkswagen "C-TREK" for 6 years blank explanation, not first made popular SUV, and into a cold market, this is the popular "prophetic vision" skills appear again, or gloss over these years FAW-VW has actually done what…… C-TRKE is not the first cross-border travel when it comes to cross-border travel, Subaru Outback, Audi Allroad, Volvo Cross Country is our early cognition. The cross-border travel first models, Subaru is the first generation of outback legacy build based on the outback has now is a pure SUV model. "C-TREK" is the FAW Volkswagen internal code, the new Bora is the actual models derived models, based on the PQ34L platform to build. In addition, like Lang habitat, long line of such cross-border vehicles, but also the product of the platform. C-TREK meaning: "C" on behalf of Cross, is the meaning of cross-border, "TRKE" is intended to point to travel, driving. The concept of cross-border travel, in fact, has a certain crossover vehicle, and the combination of large space vehicles. If this concept is to find examples in life, Audi Allroad is the best explanation. The car is still in winter, cross-border travel can do? In the domestic market has not been opened, mostly imported models, the high price is the main factor. In addition, the SUV also let the domestic consumers have no time to take into account the beautiful car. Cross border travel in the country has a precedent, but their market performance is not satisfactory, the threshold is also one of the main factors. Since there is a pioneer to prove that this market does not work, why the FAW Volkswagen to insist on the introduction of C-TREK crossover wagon? From the development of turbocharged, dual clutch gearbox, the number of confirmed popular prophetic vision. For this in the known market, the introduction of new models, can be said to be unreasonable. FAW Volkswagen can only say: This is the first in the world of A-class A-class car". Focus on A-level, this market segment is still vacant. The concept of the car has not been able to be well absorbed by the people, cross-border travel is not enough, or need time to prove. Inclusion in the crossover between SUV and wagon species, it is still difficult to accept. VW models live flowers variety, price trend is still a mystery Shanghai Volkswagen Lavida models, has been derived from the long lines, long exit models, Santana Haona, Cross相关的主题文章: