Fengcha, national male god Raiders – Sohu and gains agogoktv

Tea | National Day? God Raiders – Sohu and won eleven golden week is coming! Are you going to stay home and do crazy Taobao hand chop party or to courage, about long time favorite male god? This national day Chengdu intime city fengcha zoom trick, Maxivista you · How to about the male god | show loving | single blind dog to gains God, first of all you need a lift to a man of no cut Lip Glaze cut is what color videotape? Well, that is, the strength of the partial red, red orange, orange with pink is simply a straight must choose a color of your love Yan high value store to environment environment, to exotic exotic minute drama to provoke the burden of kiss, Da two cups of tea brewed cheese is that love, like every drink so fresh, sweet heart forever unlock · God Raiders, gains in October 01 – high tech Zone Yizhou road in Chengdu city on 07 October. No. 1999 intime City Yue Fang 18-1-32 (Burger King side) contact Tel: 18224429190. Male god Raiders | national day seven days down down down down no activity chop chop can videotape male God STEP 1 free access to YSL12 No. Capy this videotape cut Lip Glaze?. set the number of the first to send YSL 12# Lip Glaze second send 200 yuan tea membership card third to send 100 yuan tea membership card Participation Award to send a beautiful doll [set like 28 to send a cup of tea, a cup of milk tea to send any 68 Mu, a micro signal limit get a cup] ^ activity period: October 1st – October 10th in October 30th before the completion of all prizes for participation, see tea fan club public number platform: fengchafansclub love full of tea STEP 2 "second cup half life 10 percent off of 3 members of STEP membership recharge send Hao Li permanent members can enjoy 10 percent off discount on every Tuesday members enjoy buy a gift of a membership card recharge 100 yuan to 10 yuan, 200 yuan to send 30 yuan recharge Recharge 300 yuan to send 50 yuan Welcome to tea tea king can only help babies here. If this is not your God gains so that can only be more suitable for you to share the good things of the secret GAY o (*? *) Q相关的主题文章: