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Focus on G20: a glimpse of West Lake (HD Photo) – International – "three Yunshan side city", the beauty of West Lake since ancient times for many writers and artists praise. "West Lake ten" is considered to be the "harmony" ideal landscape reflects the most classic. The beginning of 2001, according to the "Hangzhou, West Lake for a full range of protection and renovation. South West Lake each big park opened, forming "ten lake landscape belt". Longjing eight repair, Hui from Korea temple again, Southern Song Guan kiln museum extension, gossip field site protection and klippe stone statues, Leifeng Pagoda site, Longjing temple…… West Lake natural and historical gradual recovery. Since 2002, Hangzhou implementation of the "free West Lake", West Lake Lake Park opened up across the board, no fences, no tickets, everyone can enjoy the beauty of West Lake become public products. June 24, 2011 thirty-fifth World Heritage conference to vote, Hangzhou West Lake cultural landscape selected World Heritage list. At the beginning of September, the G20 summit will be held in Hangzhou, West Lake is a rich culture bearing the name of the lake will also usher in more guests from all over the world. Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Yehua Photo Sharing: ((Intern), commissioning editor: Li Xuefeng Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: