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Foreign media: in the control of British Premier League game against YanZha control reference news network September 17 news media said, a large number of recent China funds into the Premier League team, caused the British authorities concerned. Radio France international website on September 12th citing Bloomberg News Agency reported that the British football authorities are tracing the source of these China funds, in case someone play multiple team behind, resulting in a conflict of interest or even control results etc.. Reported that at least 4 of the shares by the Chinese team owned or accept the investment, such as the 13% Manchester City football club owner, is to have a stake in Shanghai Hongkong TVB Chinese cultural industry investment fund; West Bromwich Albion Football Club accepted China businessman Lai Chuan 17 million 500 thousand pounds of funds; large shareholders Aston Villa Football Club is Chinese Ryan Group founder Xia Jian, and Wolverhampton Rangers Football Club boss is a wholly owned Chinese Fosun international consortium. The Premier League has expressly provided, single institution can not in more than one team, hold a significant share of the shares, to avoid the team "match-fixing" situation. However, Bloomberg quoted people familiar with the matter, saying that the Chinese government is often involved in the investment, coupled with China’s business record transparency, so that the British authorities to ensure that the same gold owners will not control more than one team when faced with difficulties. Peng Bo news agency reported that Chinese enterprises have invested more than 500 million pounds (about 4 billion 400 million yuan) to the British football team in the past 9 months, making the value of the team soaring. But people familiar with the situation say premier league officials have begun to worry that China may inadvertently gain a significant stake in multiple teams. Reported that Guangdong Meizhou boss Lai Guo Chuan led by the Chinese capital, has controlled the Premier League team Thib Bromwich team. At the time, Marcus Shadbolt, a consultant for trading, responded, "I’m sure the Premier League wants to make sure that future deals do not cause more than one team to be controlled by the same organization, including the state controlled investors." Premier League spokesman acknowledges that a proposal for Chinese investors to buy Hull city is under consideration. Chinese businessman Dai Yongji and his sister Dai Xiuli are interested in buying the Hull city team, according to earlier reports. The Premier League hired an enterprise research firm to investigate the background details of potential buyers, according to people familiar with the matter. The news says it’s just a standard procedure, but the background survey took longer. Hull had asked to speed up the progress of the investigation, but officials refused it. (News Network) more exciting content, welcome to pay attention to search WeChat public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).

外媒:中企控制多英超球队 英国严查防操控比赛  参考消息网9月17日报道 外媒称,近期大量中国资金涌入英超球队,情况引起英国当局的关注。  法国国际广播电台网站9月12日援引彭博通讯社的报道称,英国足球当局正在追查这些中国资金的源头,以防有人在背后操控多个球队,造成利益冲突甚至是操控赛果等问题。  报道称,目前至少有4支球队的股权由中资全资拥有或接受投资,例如曼城足球俱乐部13%的拥有人,就是拥有香港TVB股权的上海华人文化产业投资基金;西布罗姆维奇足球俱乐部接受了中国商人赖国传1750万镑的资金;阿斯顿维拉足球俱乐部的大股东就是中国天夏集团创办人夏建统,以及伍尔弗汉普顿流浪足球俱乐部的全资大老板就是中国财团复星国际。  英超有明文规定,单一机构不可以在超过一队球队中,持有显著份额的股份,避免球队出现“打假球”的情况。不过彭博社引述知情人士称,中国政府经常参与各项投资,加上中国商业纪录欠透明度,令英国当局在确保同一金主不会控制多于一支球队的时候面临困难。  彭博通讯社报道形容,中国企业已在过去9个月之内,向英国足球队投资超过5亿英镑(约44亿元人民币),令球队价值不断飙升。不过知情人士称英超官员已开始担心,中国可能在不经意间,于多个球队都取得显著股权。  报道称,广东梅州老板赖国传为首的中国资本,早前已掌控英超球队西布罗姆维奇球队。当时有份为交易任顾问的Marcus Shadbolt回应称:“我肯定英超希望确保未来的交易,都不会导致多过一球队受同一机构操控,包括是由国家控制的投资者。”  英超发言人则承认,正审议一项中国投资者收购赫尔城的提议。据早前报道,中国商人戴永革以及其姐姐戴秀丽,有意收购赫尔城球队。知情人士称,英超聘请了企业调查公司,以调查潜在买家的背景细节。消息称这虽然只是一个标准程序,但今次背景调查却用了更长的时间。赫尔城曾要求加快企业调查进度,但官员拒绝其要求。(参考消息网)更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章: