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Fujian coast is expensive around millions of wedding dowry dowry people.com.cn September 20 Fuzhou Xinhua (Wu Longzhong) recently, Changle held a wedding, the man to the woman 6 million yuan in cash in the wedding tables, and this is just the "gift" is not included dowry! Coincidentally, in the coastal areas of Putian remote town of allegiance to the door in a village, a day before the successful people go out to open the hospital has married a beautiful female undergraduate, the man ho throw 9 million 980 thousand new "super dowry" record of betrothal gifts. Fujian staged a series of rural "nouveau riche" wedding, some young netizens exclaimed "price into the marriage age". What is the real situation? Around the Fujian wedding bride price low to thousands of millions of yuan, some local high priced dowry (ceremony) case, and the high fee also exists in some rural areas. Reporters learned that Fujian rural dowry huge gap, from the yuan to millions of dollars. Fujian Hakka rural wedding dowry in ten, the famous river frog is located in Hetian Town, bride price in more than 150 thousand, Zhuotian town of Changting is as high as 200 thousand; in Wuyishan, Fujian coastal city rural fee "market" is ten; and Putian City, Lingchuan and other coastal Zhongmen land is as high as 500 thousand, and the rest of Putian is more than 6 times. Interestingly, in contrast to many parts of Fujian, Jinjiang popular "double dowry dowry custom: the family man sent" dowry "inventory amount on the spot to be returned, and must be in accordance with the two times the amount of cash the dowry for his daughter a dowry. For marriage, "a real man basically as long as a pot of a bed, appliances, transport and other activities are mostly by the woman’s dowry purchase. It is understood that the Jinjiang East, Kimi Township and other daughter basically must prepare for the more than 400 thousand yuan to let her daughter get married "to see the past". In recent years, Jinjiang’s "high dowry" of the wind intensified, millions of gold jewelry, the body also trousseau dowry It is often seen. In most rural areas of Fujian Yongchun, Anxi and Zhangzhou in some counties, dowry in thousands of yuan to about twenty thousand, there is little difference in urban and rural areas. One from Yongchun’s "Seventy occupation matchmaker" told reporters that these places for many years without a dowry "price", the reason is due to the last century in 70s or earlier "according to the prices on dowry customs. According to the time of 1970s, the price of rice, pay the woman’s dowry is hundreds of yuan. In 1980s, local prices rose more gradually up to thousands of yuan fee. After many years, the price is stable, the majority of the local market is relatively stable price. It is understood that the majority of private entrepreneurs in a relatively low-key, generally not to attract the attention of "super dowry", more reluctant to borrow for marriage custom damage incurred resentment of the masses, but generally follow the traditional etiquette for maintaining good habits. Experts and scholars: "hot price dowry" can be curbed price dowry, dowry are contrary to the traditional high, because the economy is not the same, the people resent it, more and more people want marriage. It is understood that in recent years, Fujian place to curb the high cost of marriage issued new regulations, effective previews. Such as the 2014 introduction of the "Quanzhou economy civilization held weddings;相关的主题文章: