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Fujian Ningde Commission for Discipline Inspection 5 years investigated 446 cases which involved 58 level cadres – Beijing new network in Ningde in September 26, (Lv Qiaoqin leafy) 26 in Fujian Ningde City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC Ningde Fourth Congress work report, the city a total of 5 years to accept the petition report 11848 times, the report Sue class 9514 times; filing 3540, 3552 party and government discipline. Among them, investigated 446 cases (level 58, level 388), economy of 510 major cases, 749 cases of corruption and bribery, and the Ningde city land, science and Technology Department of Pingnan county and some of the leading cadres of corruption on the case, and former deputy director, Ningde Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, former director of the old office Lang and a number of an important case. Ningde City Commission for Discipline Inspection, said the next 5 years will further promote clean government and anti-corruption work, and actively build effective mechanism not rot, not rot, do not want to rot, for the realization of "six new Ningde" target, as a comprehensive well-off society to provide a strong guarantee. Washington reporter saw from the report, the city’s clean government and anti-corruption work has achieved remarkable results. Since 2015, the city of 783 people, honest conversation letter light punishment 1054 people, organizations dealing with 205 people, accounting for 83.6% of the total number of treatment; adjustment of 318 heavy punishment and major duties, 83 people transferred to judicial organs. The report said that since the introduction of the central eight provisions, the city of Ningde to investigate violations since 984, handling 1285 people, 382 people party and government discipline, informed exposure 157 batches of 345 typical problems. Thorough investigation of contact variation "four winds", carry out the party members and cadres with color cards "unhealthy special rectification, and since 6, 4 Party and government discipline; efforts to investigate the unwholesome tendencies and corruption against the interests of the masses, since 2015 225 handled a total of 306 people, 297 people party and government discipline. At the same time, from the field of poverty alleviation investigate the issue of violation of discipline, filing 40, 31 party and government discipline, exposure of the typical problems notified the 12 batch of 28; general trend to strengthen supervision, establish the audit office mechanism, investigate and deal with violations of discipline cases 3, 3 were given disciplinary punishment. (end)相关的主题文章: